Catch MediumRare’s Last Event of the Year at Auro, Delhi

MediumRare will present an impressive lineup of musicians and DJs at their upcoming bash at Auro, one of Delhi’s most well-known nightlife locations. Set to take place on November 19, 2022, Auro will welcome the record label Ilian Tape’s Stenny, and the tunes of Prismer, Hiranya, and Fringe Mechanics. The party kicks off at 9 PM. Don’t forget to get your tickets from the Ticket Fairy!

MediumRare and Auro Kitchen & Bar continue to work together to rope in the best performers and organize events in Delhi, India. In recent months, the pair curated a Halloween Special with Animistic Beliefs, FILM, Zequenx, and BAST, and also housed on-stage artists Todh Teri, Kaleekarma, and D80, which was part of Todh Teri’s multi-city India tour. As shared by MediumRare, the upcoming party is slated to be their last for the year 2022.

DJ Stenny, an Italian-born German-based artist who blends elements of techno, bass music, and EDM, will perform as the headline act. Stenny had his first Asia tour in 2018, which comprised of concerts in India, Singapore, Vietnam, and South Korea.

Music producers Prismer, Bhavya Singh aka Fringe Mechanics, and Hiranya ‘h1ranya’ Gulati round out the lineup of artists for the event!

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On the decks for the evening at Auro Kitchen & Bar is musician, music producer, and DJ Rohan Kale, best known under the moniker, Prismer. He is known for creating experimental bass-driven electronic music that draws heavily from a variety of musical genres, including breakbeat, disco, techno, jungle, and house. Recently, his drum and bass heavy single ‘Aurora Haze‘ was featured on the ninety-three-track charity compilation album ‘Floodlight: DnB Aid For Pakistan.’

Prismer commented on his upcoming show at Auro, saying, “I’m personally looking forward to playing alongside one of the most amazing acts in the world right now. This is going to be a night dedicated to underground music at its finest.

Additionally, Prismer will perform live music at the upcoming Magnetic Fields Festival 2022 at Alsisar Mahal in Rajasthan, India!

The Ticket Fairy grants the tickets, grab them HERE!

Medium Rare on Soundcloud
Stenny on Soundcloud | Bandcamp
Prismer on Soundcloud
Fringe Mechanics on Mixcloud | Soundcloud

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