Wreckno to Play in Vegas With Sloanwolf and Chieeff

The famed Las Vegas nightclub Discopussy and the event production company NFBN present Wreckno’s Fantasy Tour! The scheduled stop of their tour in Vegas takes place on Tuesday, November 22, 2022, at 10 PM with DJ SloanWolf and Chieeff! Grab your tickets for the event on Ticket Fairy.

NFBN is a Nevada-based event production and promotion company with a user-centric philosophy that values the customer experience. It excels at curating and producing live music events, with beats and bass as its predominant musical emphasis. A variety of their nightlife events are housed at Discopussy, the swanky club located in Las Vegas. This 6,500-square-foot venue can accommodate over 500 people and describes itself as “minimal in everything but sound and pussy.” On November 17, 2022, Discopussy marked its second anniversary of operation.

Sound and Light show by Discopussy’s custom built Disco-octopus

Self-described as ‘Full Time Bussy Bopper’, rapper, music producer, and DJ Wreckno will be the headlining act for the event. Queer musician and multi-talented artist Wreckno has been making waves in the EDM scene since they started DJing as a hobby in 2015. In an interview with DJMag in 2022, Wreckno said, “The Wreckno project is determined to uplift other queer artists of all gender identities — from the people that we’re working in mastering, to the dancers that we have on stage — we want to support the people around us who share the same goals we do, and who deserve their time to shine.”

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The Fantasy Tour was announced in August 2022, with shows across the USA, Canada, and Mexico. “Stoked to announce our 2022 fall tour dates! We are going pedal to the metal, all gas no brakes! Can’t wait to drop ass with y’all in the US, Canada, and Mexico!” Wreckno said on Twitter, following the announcement.

On support for the night of bass music is DJ and music producer Sloanwolf, who will play her fifth show with NBFN and debut some unreleased music. Efrain Chavarin, also known as Chieeff, completes the lineup of artists.

We contacted Sloanwolf, who responded with love for NFBN, Chieeff, and some hints about what to anticipate from her upcoming set! She says, “NFBN has been our local hub for all things bass music in the city for years, and I’m so grateful that I get to represent our local community and women in bass music at the same time! This will be my 5th booking with them this year, and this show is going to be very special.”

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She continued, “I’ll be playing alongside Chieeff; another incredible local talent and someone who has become a very dear friend of mine, and Wreckno, who has quickly become an icon and a huge inspiration to me and my project. My upcoming set will have music from myself and many other artists I want to spotlight, ranging from 130-175 bpm. For anyone coming to an NFBN show for the first time, we welcome your support <3″

Chieeff also weighed in to talk about Void systems and NFBN. He said, “the first thing off bat is the Void system, super loud, super clean, and is definitely pretty, aesthetically. But besides that, NFBN has always been at the forefront of the Vegas scene. They’re the best promotion here when it comes to booking cutting-edge and up-and-coming acts of all styles, and their goal is to expand the musical palette of the city. Which for me, always reflected what I felt was necessary for our scene, and closely identifies with my style of djing.”

He concluded his remarks by discussing his set for ‘Wreckno: Fantasy Tour’. “On my end, similar to Sloanwolf, my sets typically progress from 120 to 174 over the span of the time I have to play, and I play a barrage of different styles: breaks, garage, Detroit electro, 140, juke/footwork, halftime, among others, and try to do it cohesively so that I can show crowds what else is out there beyond the typical dubstep and house tracks that are popular.”

Chieeff continued, “Hopefully, it’s engaging enough for people to dive deeper into lesser-known styles and not be boxed into the more conventional type of music that everyone already understands is good or cool. And that’s what NFBN presents on a weekly basis which is why I love the movement they’ve fostered.”

Tickets for ‘Wreckno: Fantasy Tour’ are powered by The Ticket Fairy, get them here!

WRECKNO on Spotify | Soundcloud
Sloanwolf on Spotify | Soundcloud 

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