Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy Hogwarts Legacy

The open-world role-playing game ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ will launch in a few months, and there is a great deal of excitement and anticipation leading up to its release. Finally, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and the development studio Avalanche Software have shown fans what to expect in a gameplay showcase that dropped on November 12, 2022.

This week, we’ve decided to put together a list of highlights from the ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ gameplay showcase that you might have missed, such as going to the Hufflepuff common room, seeing parts of Hogwarts for the first time, and more.

What To Expect From In The Gameplay Showcase 

Everyone has been waiting, from open-world RPG gamers to die-hard fans of the Harry Potter series. The 46-minute-long video published by the Hogwarts Legacy YouTube channel gives us all the juicy details we’ve been wanting ever since the game’s announcement.

The video features ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ game director, Alan Tew, and senior artist, Boston Madsen, giving us a tour of certain aspects of the game, such as character creation, user interface, and a lot more.

Character Creation 

Character creation in ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ gives players complete control over designing their own fifth-year Hogwarts student, which is one of the game’s biggest selling points, and, to be honest, impressive at first glance. 

Image via IGN India

Players can also choose from a variety of predesigned characters; however, you can edit the predesigned character, change the shape of their face, their hair color, and a lot more. For players who like focusing on details and accessories, you can add facial features like baggy eyes, scars, and freckles.

You are completely free to explore and develop your own character thanks to Avalanche Software, so take your time because you’ll be stuck with it until the end!

User Interface and HUD 

We’ve always wondered, how will Avalanche Software fit twenty spells on your screen and the various magic potions we’ll be needing on our quest? In the gameplay showcase, we got a very good look at how our heads-up display (HUD) will look, and below you can read everything we learned about the UI and HUD, and its effects on your gameplay.

Image via gamingintel.com

At the bottom right of the screen, you’ll find 20 usable spells that, according to your playstyle, can change over time. Right next to your four main spells, the developers have added a health bar. On the other side, you’ll be quick to notice a mini-map that’ll help you travel the halls of Hogwarts easily and a small slot for a magical tool that you’ll need on your adventures.

Everything We Know About Combat 

One of the biggest questions that were floating around when the trailer was in circulation was whether the combat would live up to player expectations. Our eyes feasted on smooth magical duels in the gameplay showcase, with our character learning how to cast 20 spells to protect themself from dark magic. 

While having a variety of attacks at your disposal is crucial, players can also use shorter, less taxing spells to deal more damage and put together combo attacks. Players will learn how to upgrade specific spells, skills, and potions as they progress, just like in any other RPG. 

Release Date  

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most highly anticipated games ever since the launch of its trailer two years ago. The gameplay showcase answered the majority of our burning questions, creating a definite hype-factor leading up to its release.

Hogwarts Legacy will be available for players to purchase on February 10, 2023. Yes, four months of waiting for our magical journey to begin. You can pre-purchase the game via the official website, which has several different offers and packs for you to choose from.

Below are just a few choices available for pre-purchasing or pre-ordering: 

Standard Edition: 

Purchasing the standard edition will unlock the base game as well as access to the Onyx Hippogriff cosmetic, an exclusive potion, and a quest.

Click here to check out the Standard Edition

Deluxe Edition: 

The Deluxe Edition includes everything in the Standard Edition along with early access and the Dark Arts pack.

Click here to check out the Deluxe Edition  

Collectors Edition: 

By purchasing the Collector’s Edition, you will not only gain early access to the game, but you will also receive a special gift that is only available to Collector’s Edition purchasers. You will also get an additional gift that is sure to please both new and hardcore fans of the franchise.

Click here to check out the Collectors Edition

We’re just as excited for the release of Hogwarts Legacy as you are, and we’ll keep you updated on any new and trending news. If you like our content and would love to know about recent releases, trending games, and much more, don’t forget to keep tuning in!

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