New Map, New Operator, New Season of Rainbow Six Siege

Even after seven long years, Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege continues to adapt and improve its player experience by adding new content, making major game changes, and a lot more. Below you will find everything you need to know before the newest season of Rainbow Six Siege airs on December 6, 2022. 

The newest season of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, ‘Operation Solar Raid,’ is by far the most highly anticipated update for many players of the game, changing many aspects such as map selection, a new rank system, and Battle Pass changes.

If you’d like to know more about Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’s newest season, ‘Solar Raid,’ keep reading! 

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Newest Operator Joining Team Rainbow: Solis

Joining team Rainbow for the final season of Year 7 is a defender called ‘Solis,’ a two-speed, two-armor intel provider. Solis’ gadget is called the SPEC-IO Electro Sensor, which allows her to locate any attacker’s gadget in range. 

Realization Design Director Jeremie Carvin explained in the Reveal Panel, “Solis’ kit is made of three main parts, the helmet, the bracelet, and the gloves. So when the helmet turns on, the screen switches from transparent to glowing yellow, an the HUD elements starts to show for the user.” 

He adds, “The second part is the bracelet. It’s used as a placement tag for the AR interface, and this AR interface is shaped as a 3D ring. It’s used by Solis to interact with the gadget.” 

And lastly, “The last is the scan, and the scan is the middle part of this AR interface, and when the scan is performed you have these pulses of 3D lines that start and fade in the distance, giving the position of every electronic devices on its way.”

Solis’ Loadout 

Rainbow Six Siege has always had a problem with its loadouts on certain operators, with some guns potentially able to completely obliterate enemy teams. Solis enters the season as a medium-speed, medium-armor operator who is able to camp on site, as well as roam and clear pushes early in the round.

Her primary weapon choices are the P90, a submachine gun commonly seen with Doc and Rook, and the ITA12L, a shotgun that is used by operators such as Oryx and Valkyrie.

Your secondary weapon is the SMG11, a high fire rate, high recoil machine pistol that is used by operators like Smoke, Mute, and Amaru. You will also be able to carry two impact grenades that are quite useful for site setup and roaming. You can either choose to carry the impact grenade or the bulletproof camera, which allows players to shoot an EMP to disable any attacker’s gadget.

New Map: Nighthaven Labs 

Releasing along with ‘Operation Solar Raid,’ Nighthaven Labs will be Rainbow Six Siege’s newest map after Outback, which was released three years ago in ‘Operation Burnt Horizon.’ Emerald Plains is relatively new, but developers confirmed it was a rework of one of their first year maps, Bartlett University. 

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R6 Siege enthusiasts are quite familiar with Nighthaven, a faction in the game that is known for its advanced technology, and having great operators like Wamai, Kali, Osa, and many more. As the name suggests, it is the Nighthaven headquarters, located near the shore of an isolated island. The map and new operator are both available on Test Server; you and your friends can give it a go! 

Rank 2.0 

Rank 2.0 has been in the making for quite some time, and Ubisoft has finally announced it for season 4, year 7. In Rank 2.0, your rank is determined by the points you win or lose after each ranked match, rather than your MMR. MMR is now being called ‘Skill,’ which no longer determines your rank but does determine how quickly you can rank up.

Each rank will contain five divisions, and to progress forward, you will need to gain 100 rank points to advance to the next division. Along with adding more divisions, Ubisoft has also added a new rank called Emerald that comes after Platinum and before Diamond.

Your Skill will be the only thing that progresses through seasons, which means players can queue up with their friends and not have MMR restrictions. A new algorithm will be implemented into matchmaking giving both teams a fair fight.  

Players will also earn rewards for each rank achieved throughout the seasons, which are then given to players when a season comes to an end. Players will also be receiving ‘rank charms’ for every rank they pass, unlike previous seasons where charms were awarded based on the highest rank achieved. 

Battle Pass Changes 

Your Battle Pass is going to look very different from what it looks like right now. The evolved Battle Pass allows you to plan your own progression and get rewards faster. 

Additionally, Ubisoft has included Battle Tokens, which make it easier to unlock tiles in whatever direction you want, and Breach Charges, which aid in opening Breath Paths, which also lead to rewards. Every reward comes with the normal Renown Boosters, Battle Points Boosters, R6 Credits, and other goodies.

We know you’re getting ready for the next season of Rainbow Six Siege, and we’ll be sure to update you on any changes and do a review of ‘Operation Solar Raid’ as soon as it’s available. If you’d like to know more about major releases and stay updated with trending gaming news, don’t forget to keep tuning in.

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