TFword in Conversation With Anoluxx 

We had a chat with the anonymous producer about their latest single, their style of music, plans for the future and lots more.

We have always maintained how much we love the idea of artist anonymity because it draws sole focus on the music, not on the artist. That is when the real magic happens; and Anoluxx is an act that truly embodies our opinion. With style and technical prowess that hasn’t gone unnoticed, Anoluxx is forging their own path.

An independent artist in the truest sense, Anoluxx has shied away from mainstay imprints and has instead decided to pursue a path that focuses on the music without using social media as a springboard; which is why they’ll remain behind their mask as they continue to make their mark on dancefloors worldwide.

By combining the darker sentiments of techno music, Anoluxx has now released their debut track titled ‘REALM333’ – a tune that captures the perfect balance of classic and contemporary. The single raised our curiosity to know more about the anonymous artist and their new single. Here is what they had to say.

What was the inspiration behind kick-starting Anoluxx?

ANOLUXX: My inspiration has always been in the people. Moving others with my music and bringing humans together to experience something they never have. I want to be a voice without a face.

For your debut release, ‘REALM333’ is an incredible tune. Tell us about the experience of writing the track?

ANOLUXX: I had a blast composing this track. I wanted to show a more melodic and minimal side to my music before things get darker and more experimental.

We’re also intrigued by the name of the track. What was the inspiration behind naming the tune ‘REALM333’?

ANOLUXX: As more music is released, the inspiration and meaning behind the titles will all become cohesive and play a part together. This track is just the beginning.

What can we expect from the rest of the ‘Synthient’ EP?

ANOLUXX: I used this EP as an introduction into who I am and what you can expect from me in the future. From minimal and melodic to dark and heavy. The last track on the EP showcases a taste of what’s to come early next year.

We love the dark and charging narrative of your music. How do you see your style evolving going forward?

ANOLUXX: I’ve always been intrigued by heavy music and dark music. Things are going to get faster, more cinematic and give a very industrial feeling.

Who were the artists that inspired you when you started making music?

ANOLUXX: io (i_o), Kreisel, Ramon tapia, Nina Kraviz, Lily Palmer, Metodi Hristov.

A sneak peek into what 2023 looks like for Anoluxx?

ANOLUXX: Fast. Loud. Emotional. Raw. Look for more.

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