Marble Elephant Drops First EP on Celsius Recordings

The Devon-based drum & bass duo, that is making dreamy and silky smooth soundscapes a style of its own, has released their debut EP on Celsius Recordings.

Get on the Marble Elephant hype before it’s too late because this drum & bass power couple is making some serious waves. The duo first began its journey when Christina – one half of the pair from Stuttgart in Germany, and Baptiste – from France, fell in love in the southwest region of England.

After spending some time with Christina’s grandfather in Devon, Marble Elephant decided to move to Exeter to pursue their musical endeavors in 2018. Christina’s grandfather gave the couple a marble elephant as a parting gift, which inspired the duo’s name.

Since then, the Devon-based power couple has formed a magical realm of its own, where they channel their ability to bring celestial harmonies into drum & bass, and mesmerize listeners with their music. After making several releases and biding their time on the scene, Marble Elephant made its first official release in 2020 on Erculean Recordings.

Growing stylistically with every release, the duo is steadily pushing their abilities to combine spine-tingling melodies and silky smooth euphoria, with a pinch of deep basslines – an exclusive Marble Elephant artform. It’s not just drum & bass that Marble Elephant has a supreme hold on. We’ve also witnessed the couple dive into genres like dubstep, UK garage, glitch hop, and jungle and nail their output to perfection.

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Dropping music on DNBB Records, Influenza Media, and pyxis’ Headbass initiative, Marble Elephant has had a year of continued growth. They have seized the chance to showcase their dreamy drum & bass to labels across three regions. Now for their debut EP, Marble Elephant has made an appearance on Dutch imprint Celsius Recordings called ‘When The Morning Comes.’

Speaking about the EP, Marble Elephant said, “We’re proud to be presenting our first ever EP, this project came together beautifully, creating a story of love. Exploring different sounds in each track, we enjoyed experimenting with a deeper bass and catchy vocals. It’s all about the mellow vibes mixed with a smooth bass in this project. This is a huge milestone for us as this EP is being released on Celsius, a label we really appreciate.”

With the name of the EP, you must have grasped the journey you are in for, and Marble Elephant has made no mistake in delivering it to you. The EP begins with ‘I’ll Be There,’ which features beautiful shimmers of vocal samples, laced with transcending melodies and powerful drums. The journey seeps into ‘With You’ – a meticulously crafted composition that blends melancholic vocals with ambient and soothing melodies that leave the listener in a state of longing.

The title track is where Marble Elephant brings all the magic front-and-center, by combining silky smooth soundscapes and deep basslines that testify to their rhythmic prowess; before closing their debut EP in style with a snappy and rolling tune called ‘Forever.’

Listen to ‘When The Morning Comes’ by Marble Elephant, here:

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