TFword in Conversation With Belgian DJ & Producer MATTN

We had a chat with the Belgian dance music sensation about her latest single on Smash The House Records, her DJ sets, plans for 2023 and lots more.

Bringing a plethora of styles and influences to her music, Belgian DJ and producer MATTN is a powerhouse within the dance music world. Since her debut in 2016, MATTN has consistently produced hits that swing on the dancefloor and easy-listening branches of dance music. Her relentless quest for gripping melodies with her trademark flavor has seen MATTN collaborate with some of the biggest names while being signed to one of the biggest labels in EDM – Smash The House.

MATTN’s blend of underground and mainstage appeal has taken her to some of the biggest clubs and arenas in the world, where she has emulated her music into electrifying DJ sets. With a constant presence in DJ Mag’s top 100 list, along with millions of streams on her tunes, there is no stopping MATTN from reaching the highest echelons of dance music.

The Belgian producer recently released a smashing single called ‘Englishman In New York’ on Smash The House as part of the label’s recently introduced year-end series. After a year full of remarkable releases, with the latest one on ‘The Crystal Winter‘ compilation, we sat down with MATTN to know more about the single, her journey, her DJ sets, and many more exciting insights. Here is what she had to say:

From starting your career in 2016 to being of the finest producers in dance music, your journey has been inspirational. How would you like to describe it?

MATTN: It’s been a rollercoaster since day 1 and the ride isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon. And I love it!

What was the definitive moment in your decision to start making music and finding your staple sound?

MATTN: In the beginning when I was playing my first parties, it took me hours to find the tracks I liked. It was at that time that I started developing my own music.

We love the dancefloor-driven yet measured approach you have taken for your latest tunes on ‘The Crystal Winter’ album. Tell us about the creative process the tracks went through.

MATTN: ‘Girlz Wanna Have Fun’ was just all about bringing a splash of color and joy to the dancefloor! We wanted to call for summer feelings and memories of happy festival days. While making the song, we felt that a music video would re-enforce the wildness that we’ve wanted to carry forward. I had so much fun recording the music video! It was all about breaking the rules and just having fun!

For ‘Englishman in New York,’ my home label (Smash The House) reached out to me because they wanted to create an album full of winter party anthems. I immediately chose ‘Englishman in New York’ because it’s one of my favorite classics. Smash The House introduced me to Suark (an upcoming talent) and together with Dino Warriors we started creating the record!

Loving the high-energy covers of ‘Englishman in New York’ and ‘Girlz Wanna Have Fun’ on the album, why did you decide to put your own style on these well-known tracks?

MATTN: I’ve always been a fan of the classics, and it’s not just me but also the crowd that loves them. So once in a while, I like to release a classic song in my own style. I think the variety of releasing new music with classics keeps it fun!

Over the years, we have been intrigued by how many styles you incorporate into your music. What would be your advice to budding producers?

MATTN: That you don’t have to stay in one style of music, experiment as much as you like and just have confidence in your own taste. Release it if you love it!

We’re also big admirers of your DJ sets. Can you give us a peek into how you go about prepping your DJ sets?

MATTN: It all depends on if it’s a club or a festival set, that’s the first step. Second of all, I always try to put a feminine touch in my sets, with lots of known tracks that people can relate to and some classics in a modern remix!

How does your studio downtime look like?

MATTN: I like to sing on my own tracks. So, it all depends; sometimes we start with the lyrics I wrote, or we do the other way around and start writing after we’ve found a good sound. We like to do writing camps in Durbuy (a small town in the south of Belgium) in the forest with a small team, and those are the most fun days in the studio.

What is your best festival memory?

MATTN: Tomorrowland Mainstage, the energy and vibe that the crowd gives you is from another level!

What are MATTN’s plans for 2023?

MATTN: Full focus on touring around the world again. We finally can go back to Asia and North America, and I’ve missed that a lot! I took some time also to spend with my newborn son the last year and to produce some new tracks for 2023. So I’m looking forward to seeing all my fans from all over the world again!

Explore MATTN’s full catalog here:

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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