All You Need to Know About Midwinter Magic on December 21

“A candle in the darkness on the longest night” – celebrate the winter solstice at Tea Tribe’s Midwinter Magic, an event featuring live music, poetry, dance, and ceremony. The gathering will take place at the Berkeley Alembic in California on December 21, 2022, from 7 PM onwards. Tickets for this event are powered by Ticket Fairy.

December 21 is Winter Solstice, when the day is the shortest with the longest night of the year. This day is celebrated all over the world in different ways, therefore, Midwinter Magic honors “diverse traditions of ritual, reverence, reverie, and revelry” with its upcoming event.

Midwinter Magic features ambient soundscapes by AguaMayyim, William Wardlaw, EyeFM, and Jeff Stott. The four distinct areas at this event are the Sol Room (live music and ceremony), the Luna Room (ambient music), the Earth Room (tea, poetry & divination), the Mercurious Room (meditation, movement, breath, sound, healing), Neptunian Room (silent tea ceremony), and Saturnalia Room (food).

Find the full schedule of the event below –


7:30 PM: Kurdish musician Evin ?ah will sing traditional songs and talk about ?eva Zistanê, a winter solstice holiday celebrated by Kurdish communities on the Winter Solstice.

8:00 PM: Renowned folk musician Amre Leon Dana will offer solstice-inspired music “from the traditions of the Dana people of Southern Oklahoma.”

8:30 PM: Performing a pagan ritual for Yule, the Nordic pagan winter solstice, are Celtic Nordic Pagan, Sowiluf, and Sherry Froman (a certified minister for the Church of All Worlds), “through a Nordic song and a narrated ritual.”

9:00 PM: Lydia Violet will sing Persian songs and read poetry for Shab-e Yald?, an Iranian winter solstice festival, celebrated in many countries across the world. A spread of fruits and nuts will be available as on Shab-e Yald?, family members gather around, stay up all night, eat fruits and nuts, then offer prayer and read poetry and mythologies out loud.

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9:30 PM: Saturnalia Coronation. Saturnalia is an ancient Roman festival to honor the god Saturn, wherein people sing, feast, exchange gifts, party, etc., and the rules and roles are inversed.

9:45 PM: A band consisting of Raman Osman (Kurdish composer and master tembûr/tambour (saz) musician) and Faisal Zedan (Arabic percussionist) is set to play a “mixture of Kurdish, Turkish and Arabic music,” with a sacred dance performance by Ayah Buonaugorio, a women’s health advocate in the San Francisco Bay Area and the founder of Obsidian Womb Wellness.

11:15 PM: A fire arts performance by Lava Lotus.

11: 30 PM: Leading the fire and water ceremony at Midwinter Magic are ceremonialists and musicians Xochitl Moreno & Ernesto Olmos. They will honor “the 7 sacred directions and the birth of the sun in the south, Huitzilopochtli.”

Midnight: Oakland, CA-based ensemble Orchestra Gold, will offer Malian Psychedelic Rock music.

1:30 AM: Dragonfly DJ will take the Midwinter Magic stage.


A workshop on Counting the Nines of Winter (Shu Jiu), a plum blossom painting exercise along with Chinese poetry, readings offered on I-Ching, an ancient Chinese divination text, and traditional Chinese dessert tangyuan will be available to celebrate Dongzhi, the Chinese Winter Solstice Festival. You may also enjoy tea served to you in the Earth Room!

Find the LUNA ROOM – Ambient music lineup below –

8 PM: Electronic dance music producer AguaMayyim, a collaborative music project between Rose and Franky Garcia, will “DJ, lead breath work and sound healing gatherings and produce EDM and ecstatic dance events.”

10: PM: A veteran Bay Area ambient DJ, William Wardlaw

11:30 PM: Jef Stott, composer, producer, and performer leading the International Global Bass movement. 

1:00 AM: Ian Shaw-Zak (EyeFM) will offer a soundtrack 


7:30 – 8:30 PM: Sean T Fox, a certified acupuncturist, will take you through Daoist Medical Qigong sequences. He is also a Hatha Yoga and White Tiger Medical Qigong Teacher. 

9 – 10 PM: An intro class to Tai Chi, Mindfulness, and Chi Gung by Santos. He has been “studying and practicing Gung Fu, Meditation (Tantric, Taoist, Kriya), and Tai Chi’Chi Gung for two decades.”

Healing music, yoga, and meditation class are yet to be announced.

From 10 PM to 3 AM, there will be meditation and a silent tea ceremony in the Neptunian Room. Saturnalian activities will be held at the Saturn Throneroom, where you “receive orders from the ruler of Saturnalia” and “go on quests to earn a Pileus hat.” Find nourishing vegan food at Celestial Lobby.

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Performers at the Sol Room: Evin ?ah | Amre Leon Dana | Sowiluf | Sherry Froman | Lydia Violet | Raman Osman | Faisal Zedan | Lava Lotus | Xochitl Moreno | Orchestra Gold | DJ Dragonfly

Performers at Luna Room: AguaMayyim | William Wardlaw | Jef Stott | EyeFM

Mercurius Room: Sean T. Fox | Santos

Berkeley Alembic: Instagram

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