All You Need To Know About Rolling Meadows 2022-2023

New Zealand’s iconic music festival, Sub180’s Rolling Meadows returns for its second edition!

The Bone Line in Broomfield will host the multi-genre music festival commencing December 30, 2022 until January 1, 2023. American rapper Joey Bada$$, UK drum & bass force A.M.C & Phantom, Auckland-based hip-hop duo Church & AP, Australian electronic rock band Pendulum, and a plethora of other significant names are all on this year’s star-studded lineup. In this article, we take a look at what to look forward to at this massive music spectacle.

Rolling Meadows bears arguably one of the most powerful lineups of musicians, consisting of over ninety artists this year. The festival will be fanned across three huge stages (Canopy, DuckBrewe, and Meadows stage), each with its own separate themes and music genres on display. A bulk of the performers are already touring Aotearoa, and Rolling Meadows will bring them all together! 

On the main Meadows Stage on day one, catch:
DnB duo Artificial Intelligence (Tristan Roake and Andre Fernandez),
Rappers Savage (Demetrius C. Savelio) and Kings (Kingdon Chapple-Wilson),
BCee (Steve Jeffery),
Tigerlily (Dara Kristen Hayes),
Fred V,
Upgrade (Samuel Smith),
MC Trigga (Tundy Smith),
Joey Bada$$ and A.M.C & Phantom

NZ Rapper Scribe (Malo Ioane Luafutu), hip-hop crew SWIDT, duo State Of Mind (Patrick Hawkins and Stuart Maxwell), Crossy & Trafic MC, Nyxen, Terrence & Phillip, S.P.Y (Carlos Lima), Deekline (Nick Annand), singer-songwriter Chelsea Lester aka Nyxen, bass music trio Gentlemens Club (Saul Mountford, Lewis Pittham, and Amani Haskins and over fifty local DJs and music producers will perform at the festival! Electronic heavyweight pair Jeremy Glenn and Dylan Jones, known as The Upbeats, will also be making their debut at Rolling Meadows!

The three-day music fiesta will additionally see a healthy number of Kiwi artists taking their talents to the stage. Winners of the 2022 Rolling Meadows Wildcard competition, DJ Zara and Kolobi, will each be seen on the canopy and main stage respectively. DJs Brigsy, Hazey, CSM, Pernilla ‘Pino’ Soderqvist, Miss Jane, Kenzo, trio Suune, Ashez, Geo, JHowler, MAMII, and others are just a handful of the names that will be performing.

There’s no other place to be this New Years ? Still cannot believe after such a short time of doing this I will be playing my first festie alongside a selection of incredibly talented people. If you haven’t already, go grab a ticket for Rolling Meadows.

DJ Hayley-Zara via Instagram

Kenzo shared a message on Instagram expressing her gratitude to her supporters and the event organizers, Sub180.

“It is absolutely amazing to see the final lineup! Being on the lineup among some of the biggest names in the world and some crazy local talent is incredible. I want to give a massive thank you to everyone who has supported me along the way, especially the team at Sub180 and Rolling Meadows. This is one of my greatest achievements to date, and without a significant number of you, I could not have done it. If you still haven’t decided on your New Year’s Eve plans, you’d best do it right now because tickets are now on final release.”

Kenzy ‘Kenzo’ Coffin via Instagram

The festival will take place at The Bone Line Winery, situated deep in the Waipara Valley. This prominent vineyard has been growing and producing wine since 1989, and regularly hosts weddings and other major events!

Adding to the music, visitors can swarm to the Bone Line in Waipara to attend the Duckbrewe skateboarding championship, which is held in an industrial-style skate park, featuring a 40 ft ramp and a concrete street competition, hosting skateboarders from all over NZ. Welcoming over 6000 guests on-site, will be numerous local eateries, camping facilities, free on-site parking, designated smoking areas, bus services, five bars pouring New Zealand wine and tap-pulled craft beer, designated smoking areas, and, the best of all, no vaccination passes, no masks, and no COVID-19 related restrictions! Visitors are allowed to bring their own campervans too!

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