TFword In Conversation With American Duo Bedouin

Ahead of their NYE showdown at Ahau Tulum, we had a chat with the Brooklyn-based producer & DJ Bedouin about their beginnings, their label, their NYE set, and more.

Combining heritage, culture and contemporary electronic elements, Bedouin is an American duo pioneering the melodic and organic flank of house music. Channeling a sound that is inventive and unique to them, Bedouin made their debut in 2014; and since then, they have taken their artistic cross-pollination to labels like Crosstown Rebels, Get Physical, and All Day I Dream before starting their own imprint, Human By Default, in 2020.

Bedouin’s ever-evolving palate has taken them to the biggest venues and festivals across the globe, and to close a phenomenal year, the Brooklyn-based duo is now set to cap it off in 2022 against the shiny setting of Ahau Tulum. Placed on the beachfront of Tulum, Ahau is one of the most aspirational places for sought-after music on the Riviera Maya.

In anticipation of what we look forward to as an enchanting experience from Bedouin, we had a chat with them about their beginnings, their record label, their DJ set, and more. Here is what they had to say:

We love how your music brings culture and heritage together to create an immersive experience. How did Bedouin as a duo come about?

Rami: Tamer and I met around 2011 and quickly started working on music together. Soon after, we made that first Bedouin EP on Supernature, which was released in 2014, and we haven’t stopped since.

Tamer: The momentum after the first Bedouin EP was strong, and things really took off full steam ahead from there. Brooklyn was the birthplace of Bedouin but we are travelers with many homes, including Miami, Ibiza, and, of course, Tulum.

How do you go about looking for new talent and the deepest gems when you are looking for inspiration in your music to include on your label, Human By Default?

Bedouin: Human By Default is centered around artists that create their own music and are sonically moving forward. We focus on working with upcoming artists that have a deep connection with their music. We really love the music we put out on Human By Default… You can hear us dropping them throughout our sets regularly.

Back in Tulum for the Ahau Tulum NYE 2023. What are you looking forward to?

Bedouin: Ringing in the New Year with our loved ones. We have a super exciting year coming up with our debut album, the second year of our Pacha residency, and much much more.

Any memory that you would like to share from your previous visit to Tulum?

Bedouin: What happens in Tulum stays in Tulum [winks].

What has Bedouin planned with the music for 2023?

Bedouin: We’re releasing our first full album in 2023… Stay tuned for news on this very, very soon.

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