DnB Royalty Halogenix Starts New Record Label

One of the genre’s finest innovators is starting his own label, Gemini Gemini, along a with track to celebrate its inception.

Laurence Reading aka Halogenix is one of DnB’s prized possessions. The endless pit of creativity and precision Halogenix boasts is an ability very few in the genre can go head-to-head with. Having been a purveyor of deep, driving drum & bass for over ten years, the innovative producer has now taken a step further into his distinguished career by starting his own record label, Gemini Gemini.

The label will serve as a platform for Halogenix to exhibit his vision of the genre that is free of style and approach limitations. To celebrate the label’s inception, Halogenix has dropped a new single called ‘Lost Friends,’ a tune that serves as the perfect starter for what’s to come from the newly-formed imprint. A long and captivating intro, which is then complimented by touches of liquid and tech-driven drums, define both the tune and the sound Halogenix has been pushing over the years.

After being a drum & bass head for the best part of the aughts, Halogenix made a move to try his hand at music production in 2005. After honing his craft for over five years, the producer made his debut in 2010, releasing his music on labels like Critical Music, Dispatch Recordings, Warm Communications and Horizons, before coming together with Sabre and Stray to form Ivy Lab in 2013.

After kicking off as a trio that focused heavily on the soulful side of drum & bass, Ivy Lab grew into a duo that changed the scene by making the halftime and hip-hop tinged bass sound a thing of their own. Halogenix, with his Ivy Lab crew went on to create their own label called 20/20 LDN, and stamped their authority as the genre’s key trendsetters.

Halogenix went on to release music with Ivy Lab for five years before announcing his departure in 2018 to pursue his solo endeavors. Since then, his name has been synonymous with powerful and future-focused drum & bass, and with the start of his label, there is no end to the artistry Halogenix is about to showcase in the coming years.

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