Everything You Need To Know About Niceto Club, Buenos Aires

A party-goer staple since 1998, Niceto Club sits along Palermo’s Niceto Vega, amidst the luxury destination’s top hotspots. For tourists and residents alike, the corner curbside club ranks amongst only the best in Buenos Aires.

Packing 2 stages in two rooms with top-notch sound system, a party at Niceto Club is nothing if not an experience of a lifetime. The venue first opened its doors in 1998, promising to bring the upscale capital city’s music community together, at a place where individuality and identity go hand-in-hand with self-expression. Since then, Niceto has steadily laid the groundwork for Buenos Aires’ pulsing nightlife scene.

Having hosted some of the region’s and world’s most recognized talents, with a hard-earned record of Thursday night parties like no other, Niceto Club, today, is the place to be, Thursdays through Sundays.

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If you’re planning your next night out to the prestigious nightclub, here’s everything you need to know!

Music at Niceto Club

There is no shortage of genres and styles on-stage at Niceto. Primarily a rock, pop, soul, and reggae venue, the club welcomes artists across the scene, from electronic acts and DJ sets to live bands and vocal performers. While any night at Niceto is bound to be a memorable one, you should check in advance if you’re in the mood for a particular party. Here are some of the genres Niceto Club has featured in the past:

Disco | House | Pop | Rock | Reggae | Dance | Tango | Soul | Techno | Underground | Hip Hop | Funk

The nightclub is also a frequent choice for globally renowned performers and regularly hosts some serious heavyweights. Their past roster includes Berlin-based electronic musicians Jan Blomqvist and Palms Trax, South American eclectic musician Dino Ross, Netherlands-born producer Interstellar Funk, Argentina-based musicians Martin Miquez, Toomy Disco, Emi Galvan, and many, many more. Niceto has also collaborated with Redbull Music Academy for past events, along with several local and international party organizers.

Special Events at Niceto Club

Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays at Niceto Club are special. On Thursdays and Saturdays, the club usually hosts its famous ‘Club 69’ party series, an LGBTQIA+ friendly event that is programmed to feature performances from dance groups, drag queens, and theatrical entertainers. ‘Club 69’ is generally raved about in Palermo for being amongst the area’s best parties for the gay community.

Another special event that frequents banners and boards at Niceto Club is ‘BRESH,’ a party series that globetrots to cities like Madrid, London, and Miami, making Friday rounds in Buenos Aires. “La fiesta mas linda del mundo,” which translates in English to, “The most beautiful party in the world,” BRESH brings some of the hottest performers not only to the stage, but also through the gates, known for its star-studded attendee list.


Niceto Club is open from Thursdays to Sundays, 9 PM to 7 AM, and while there may be specific days for these special events, on any given night, you can expect expertly curated parties with the best of the featured genre. For a complete list of previous performers, visit this page.

Things To Know About Niceto Club

  • Niceto Club is situated in Buenos Aires’ Palermo, the city’s biggest neighborhood, and home to various upscale venues, shops, restaurants and museums. Weekends can get busy, so plan your trip well and in advance, or plan it around what the neighborhood has to offer. There are a total of five train stations in Palermo, and taxis are available but expensive.
  • The club offers cloakroom, bottle and VIP services, and does not enforce a dress code.
  • Parties may begin before midnight but tend to pick up towards 2 AM, calling for only the most dedicated party night owls.
  • The club is strictly against discrimination and prides itself on its inclusivity practices. Security personnel are available on-site if the need arises, and staff are reportedly very friendly and helpful.
  • There are dine-in services available at Niceto, but it is better to plan your meals in advance as well, to avoid hassle at the venue.
  • There are two rooms in Niceto Club, and Room A is larger than Room B. Parties in Room A can be explosive ones, whilst Room B falls more on the intimate side.

If you’re looking for a high-energy event in Palermo, complete with stellar music and a tremendously welcoming party community, Niceto Club is the place to be. Get your friends, or make new ones, catch your favorite artist, or discover fresh talents! Nights are what you make them in Buenos Aires.

Find Niceto Club on: The Official Niceto Club Website | Facebook | Instagram

Featured Image via Niceto Club Facebook

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