Liquid Lowdown Kicks off 2023 in Auckland on January 21

Liquid Lowdown, New Zealand’s finest premier radio show and club night, delivers its first show of 2023 on Auckland’s waterfront! The stage will be graced by some of the finest electronic acts, including powerhouse combo Artificial Intelligence, duo Emma G & Tali, Chiccoreli, and sibling pair The Bowden Brothers. Assembling ‘drum & bass of a soulful nature & a deeper flavour,’ the gig is set to go down at The Lula Inn on January 21, 2023! Get your tickets now from the Ticket Fairy.

The UK-based DnB super duo Artificial Intelligence (Glenn Herweijer and Zula Warner) continues to set the vibe for the summer season in Aotearoa. The production pair was one of the headliners at NZ’s Northern Bass and Rolling Meadows music festivals. In the build-up to these festivals, Artificial Intelligence stated they were “grateful to be back in NZ as always” in an Instagram post.
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Also on the bill for the evening is Emma G (Emma Green), along with producer and vocalist MC Tali (Natalia Sheppard). This charismatic duo will perform their trademark blend of fresh soul DnB dubbed ‘Soulside Sessions.’ With ten episodes of their soulslide session mixes, Emma G & Tali has gathered over 1000 streams on Soundcloud. 

The Bowden Brothers were handpicked by Chiccoreli (Benn Rolls-Sheppard), the head honcho of Liquid Lowdown, after watching their performance at a gig. Serving drum & bass and house music, the brothers have been on support duties for artists TsukiBrigsyWorthy, and Twentytwo. This will be their debut performance at a Liquid Lowdown showcase.

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Liquid Lowdown would be incomplete without Chiccoreli behind the decks, a mainstay of New Zealand’s drum & bass culture. Chiccoreli is a multi-genre DJ/turntablist well known for hosting The Liquid Lowdown on Base FM. Speaking about the show, Chiccoreli shared a post via Instagram saying, “I’m so excited to bring you some underground Drum & Bass of the best kind.”

Liquid Lowdown will be held at The Lula Inn, a restaurant and event space overlooking Auckland’s waterfront. This location frequently hosts new music release listening sessions, brunches, sports screenings, and live music performances under ‘Live at Lula.’ The ‘Live at Lula’ concept arose from its desire to build one of Auckland’s most vibrant music venues.

We reached out to the Bowden Brothers, asking them to shed some light on the upcoming gig. Here’s what they had to say!

“We are thrilled to be able to bring the style of drum & bass we are passionate about to a crowd of heads. Being on the lineup with some legends is motivating and know for certain that it will be a night to remember. The Lula Inn is an amazing spot in the viaduct, which will add to the immaculate vibes.”

– Bowden Brothers

General release tickets are up for grabs! Get them now on the Ticket Fairy HERE

Artists performing at the event: Artificial Intelligence | MC Tali | Bowden Brothers | Chiccoreli 

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