DnB DJ Teej, Demo, Vein, and More to Take Over Portland’s Opaline on January 26

Event promoters Dope Ghost are set to host their inaugural drum & bass spectacle of 2023 at Opaline in Portland, USA. DnB music producer Teej from the UK is slated to headline, with MC Questionmark hosting the show. Deformaty, Vein, theBrund, and Hedrum are among the Portland-based acts on the line-up for the event, which kicks off at 9 PM on Thursday, January 26, 2023! Grab your tickets to the drum & bass showdown in Portland from the Ticket Fairy.

Bristol-based drum & bass sensation Teej’s appearance comes as part of his multi-city tour of America. Teej aka Tyler Gutsell is a rising star in the underground drum & bass scene who boasts a string of chart-topping releases under his belt. The artist has had releases on thirty-one labels in his career, including Focuz, Sofa Sound Bristol, Bowlcut Beats, Nuusic, and Trust. On Spotify, Hooligan,’ ‘System Shock,’ and Turbulence‘ are among his most popularly streamed tracks.

Teej is also a member of the drum & bass supergroup OCC alongside UK garage, jungle, and grime artists Lupo, Jappa and Objectiv. Speaking of his musical contributions to OCC, Teej told UKF in May 2022, “I love sub bass, I love low deep stuff, so I bring as much sub and darkness as I can while keeping it not too emo.”

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As with Dope Ghost’s all-night event in November 2022 called MASSIVE!, MC Question Mark returns to host, this time joined by Ashanti ‘Blacktacular’ Hall. Dubstep, drumstep, and electro-swing act theBrund, Demo, Deformaty (Todd Daggett), Matthias J. aka Souka, VEIN (Rob Wilson), and Hedrum round out the line-up for the evening. Souka and Hedrum will hit the stage for an epic b2b performance!


Dope Ghost will debut their event at Opaline in downtown Portland, an indoor-outdoor club and nightlife venue. Dubbed an EDM oasis, this Indonesian-themed outlet regularly hosts electronic artists, themed dance parties, Buddha House takeovers, Bollywood bashes, and more.

We took this opportunity to speak with Dope Ghost founder Rob Wilson aka VEIN and asked him to share a few words on the upcoming show and his company. Here is what VEIN had to say –

On Dope Ghost:

“Dope Ghost is a company I started almost a year ago with a few other artists and producers in the Pacific Northwest with a focus on drum & bass, jungle, juke and leftfield bass music events. We are also preparing to launch as a digital label this spring.”

On the upcoming DnB show with Teej:

“This event is featuring Teej out of Bristol in the UK, one of the forefront producers of the minimal tech DnB coming out of Europe right now. Also in support will be Demo out of Seattle, originator of the longest-running drum & bass night in the US: DnB Tuesdays, which just celebrated 24 years of running. As well as Dope Ghost residents Vein (myself), Deformaty, and Hedrum b2b Souka and a guest spot by theBrund out of Portland.”

On Club Opaline:

“Club Opaline is a new club in Portland located in the old Barrel Room in Downtown. It’s a new venture by the same team who ran Whiskey Bar. It features full-stage sound and lighting and provides a comfortable atmosphere for music events.”

Get your tickets to the event from The Ticket Fairy HERE

Artists performing at the event: TEEJ Demo | Deformaty | Vein Hedrum | theBrund

Find Dope Ghost on Soundcloud
MC Question Mark on Soundcloud

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