Delta Heavy Kick off 2023 With a New Single

The imperious drum & bass duo have kicked off the new year with an energetic new single called ‘Against The Tide’ with Lauren L’aimant.

If you are looking for a drum & bass act that simply doesn’t miss, look no further than Delta Heavy. For over a decade, Delta Heavy has been an outlet for powerful and euphoric music, which has now made them one of the most influential acts of the modern drum & bass era.

The duo first met in 2003, when they became friends during their university days in Nottingham. Their friendship then proved pivotal, with both Simon James and Ben Hall coming together through their unified love for music. Bringing their unique skillset into the studio, Delta Heavy honed their craft for many years before making their first release in 2010.

After debuting on Viper Recordings, Delta Heavy went on to release a wide majority of their catalog on RAM Records, after signing an exclusive deal with the label in the same year as their debut. For more than a decade, Delta Heavy released groundbreaking music that included two critically acclaimed studio albums until giving birth to their self-titled label last year.

Championing their euphoric style of music, Delta Heavy began their label’s journey with tunes like ‘Ascend,’ ‘Hydra’ and ‘Heaven’ which was their latest offering alongside frequent collaborator Jem Cooke. The duo have now begun their year with a thumping single called ‘Against The Tide’ with songwriter and vocalist Lauren L’aimant.

Speaking exclusively with Ticket Fairy about their new single, Delta Heavy stated, “We collaborated with the amazingly talented Lauren L’aimant who provides the vocals. With this record we were trying to combine a really energetic dancefloor drop with a deeper sounding intro and Lauren’s intimate vocal. It took a while to get right in the studio but we’re all very proud of the results!”

Starting the tune with the trademark Delta Heavy intro that we have known them for, we are then greeted with Lauren L’aimant’s profound vocals that collide into a drop that is meant only and only for the dancefloor. What a way to begin the year!

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