TFword’s Label Showcase: Overview Music

As the British drum & bass label steps into its fifth year, we look at some of Overview Music’s best releases that make them a force to be reckoned with.

Standing firm among the fresh influx of drum & bass labels that arrived in the last decade, Overview Music is an imprint that specializes in the art of delivering razor-sharp music. Started in 2018 by Brighton-based Peter Piper Maxted, Overview Music’s name has now become synonymous with excellent scouting of artists with a focus on putting out futuristic material.

Making its debut with a various artists release, Overview built on its deep, dark and funky principles and has brought names like Waeys, gyrofield, LaMeduza, Eastcolors, Wingz, Skylark, T-95, Klinical, and many more. Overview is also a strong believer of the communal values that drum & bass stands for, and ever since its inception, it has also had a hand in promoting artists through initiatives like podcasts and mentorship programs.

After another solid 12 months in 2022, Overview has stepped into its fifth year and is all set to embark on a gigantic tour down under with its crew. In anticipation of the tour, we have selected what we believe are the best tunes Overview has delivered over the years. So, if you are planning to attend any of the label’s shows in Australia and New Zealand this month, here’s the perfect warm up for you.

Wingz – Sorrow
Austrian maestro Wingz is an artist who has mastered the deep, dark, and stripped-back style of drum & bass. The ‘Sorrow’ EP marked Wingz’s full debut on Overview Music, and the result was four supremely distinctive tunes. However, our favorite is the title track, where Wingz nails Overview’s ethos to perfection. Long and eerie intro, sharp drums, and haunting atmospherics. It’s all in there.

Talkre – Into Darkness
Talkre, if you are reading this, you need to get back to the incredible drum & bass you were making. The beauty of Talkre’s music is intense vibes, but with a dancefloor-leaning impact. Making his debut on Overview in 2019, Talkre brewed up a delicious dancefloor shaker featuring his and the label’s trademark aesthetics.

Sustance – Bristol Gang
Whatever Berlin-based producer Sustance does, there is style, grit, funk and freshness to it; and all the flavors his music is known for were brought together for the ‘Temperance’ EP in 2020. Ever since its release, ‘Bristol Gang’ from the EP, in our opinion, has become a quintessential Overview Music track that you simply cannot miss when you are running through the label’s catalog.

T95 & DRS – On Site
‘On Site’ is one of the biggest tunes Overview Music has released since its inception, and it’s a banger. Bringing one of the most influential voices in drum & bass in the form of DRS, Overview teamed him up with the prodigious T-95 on ‘On Site.’ Featuring DRS’ pounding vocals and T-95’s bass gurgles, the tune went down as one of the best releases of 2020, and it also hinted towards the new sonic direction Overview took after its release.

Hadley & Waeys – Who You Are
Another unmissable number from Overview Music’s expansive catalog is this humdinger they released back in 2020. Part of the label’s Various Artists EP, ‘Who You Are’ combined two solid drum & bass talents from the UK and the Netherlands, Hadley and Waeys, for a proper dancefloor number.

Waeys – Mapper
Waeys makes our list of best Overview tunes once again, and its for a good reason. You simply can’t get enough of the Dutchman’s groovy, technical, yet dancefloor-focused productions. With the atmospheric feel ‘Mapper’ begins with, you would never imagine where Waeys takes you when the tune reaches its climax. The soothing melody that the tune begins with turns into a soaking drum & bass deep stepper.

YAANO – Blossom
We picked YAANO’s ‘Lust’ as one of the best drum & bass tunes from 2022, but if we had to pick the best tune from YAANO from Overview’s catalog, it would be this heater from the ‘Blossom’ EP that he released on Overview in 2021. Creativity and exclusivity with an eye for the experimental, YAANO is everything that is right about drum & bass, and ‘Blossom’ explains why.

Koherent – Analog Roller
Drum & Bass duo Koherent have always known how one thing, and that’s how to bend minds with their music. With a penchant for producing menacing DnB rollers that hover around playful territories, Koherent landed a thumping EP on Overview Music last year. Our favorite from the ‘Bleep Test’ EP was ‘Analog Roller,’ for obvious reasons. The tune’s biting rhythm is simply irresistible, but its beauty lies in the simplicity and effectiveness with which it’s presented.

As we complete our list, we leave you with the boss-man of Overview himself, in his element, on his famous monthly podcast.

Which city are you catching the Overview Music crew in?

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