Everything You Need to Know About Club Museum, Buenos Aires

Housed in Buenos Aires’ top tourist destination, San Telmo, also the city’s oldest barrio (neighborhood), Club Museum is a must-visit for electronic music lovers.

Before Club Museum became one of Buenos Aires’ most beloved party destinations, the venue was an old factory. Designed by Gustavo Eiffel, the French civil engineer behind renowned marvels of infrastructure such as the dome of the Nice observatory, the Statue of Liberty, and of course, the Eiffel Tower, Club Museum’s most appealing feature quickly became its architecture. As the parties kicked up notches, word spread of a hot new venue attracting both global and local talents, and the best of Buenos Aires’ crowds. Today, Club Museum stands proudly part of the city’s rich circuit of nightlife venues, holding its own with a star-studded roster. Here’s what you need to know about the revered Argentinian nightclub.

About Club Museum

Club Museum is located in San Telmo, where you will find numerous art experiences, restaurants, bars, and offbeat shopping opportunities. Rich in cultural offerings as with nightlife experiences, San Telmo is also home to a variety of venues and hotels, amongst which stands Club Museum.

Sporting three floors with multiple balconies, lounge areas, five bars, and an exclusive VIP section, Club Museum is an easy choice for your weekend night out. Better yet, take a large group of friends! This 1900+ capacity venue guarantees more than enough room.

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No party is complete without an equally powerful sound system to back up the bass, and at Club Museum, you can expect nothing but the best. State-of-the-art sound and lighting, a massive screen, a large stage for performances and one for catwalks are all part of the venue’s impressive set-up.

Music at Club Museum

The venue is no stranger to electronic music’s best and brightest. Frequenters include techno live musician and producer Marc Houle, Poland-born Detroit-based DJ Magda, Dutch techno DJ Ferry Corsten, and a slew of both local and international stars.

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Club Museum also digs into its roots for its parties and regularly hosts Latin music events. Apart from Latin music, the venue also features 80s music nights, local and international singer/songwriters, and a hot list of genres including techno, dance, minimal, new wave, and more.

Equipped with a stage for live performances of larger scales, Club Museum is also home to many live band performances and has featured live singers such as Argentine cumbia singer Mario Luis, rap/hip-hop artist La Joaqui, and Latin Urbano musician Alejo Isakk.

Special Events at Club Museum

Club Museum is well-known amongst frequenters for some seriously epic special events. While Christmas and New Year’s Eve are bound to be explosive affairs, packing exciting offers on tickets and bar provisions, the venue also hosts timely giveaways, which usually include impressive discounts, drawing in newcomers and those looking for good deals on liquor and door entry.

The venue seats 800 heads for dining, which makes it a starred spot for private events including hen/bachelor parties and birthdays. Look for Club Museums special dinner events too, if you’re in for a bit of dining before the party begins.

Things to Know Before You Visit Club Museum

  • Club Museum is open Fridays to Saturdays, from 10 PM onwards. Dinner is available at 10 PM, while parties tend to start at midnight and crowds begin to come in by 2 AM.
  • Parties are very rarely all ages included, with weekends being strictly R18 events.
  • There is no enforced dress code at Club Museum.
  • You have the option to travel around San Telmo via public buses, a well-maintained subway system, or you could opt for taxis or a rented bicycle if you’re holidaying in the area.
  • Parties usually end during the early hours of the morning after, so make sure you plan your visit accordingly. San Telmo also offers a variety of nightlife, morning, and designated day-of-the-week events, which can be easily worked into your travel schedule either before or after you catch an iconic Club Museum party.

If you’re looking for a no-nonsense party in true Buenos Aires fashion, with friendly locals and helpful venue staff, Club Museum offers what you need. Catch the hottest acts in dance, pop, Latin, and electronica, across three levels of this high-energy venue!

Find Club Museum on: The official Club Museum website | Instagram | Facebook

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