J:Kenzo Makes a Thunderous Return To Metalheadz

One of the most accomplished names in dubstep and drum & bass has returned to the legendary label Metalheadz for a piercing 4-track EP.

A mainstay from Dubstep music’s golden era of the late 2000s, J:Kenzo is one of the most accomplished names of the genre. Combining brutalist rhythms and intensely deep tones with haunting smoky, J:Kenzo has made the minimalistic dark tribal sound a proficiency of his own in both the dubstep and drum and bass scenes since 2006.

Along with releasing music that can shake the foundations of the biggest sound systems on the most respected labels in Dubstep, J:Kenzo is also the proud owner of Artikal Music. Channeling the deepest dub dread vibes with echoes of modular touches, Artikal Music’s impact on Dubstep has been monumental. Over the years, Artikal Music has brought the best and the most promising names in dubstep to the label, with the common thread being its sound system-driven schematics.

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While Kenzo’s dubstep output has been consistent year in and year out, we get a glimpse of his heavyweight drum & bass craft from time to time. Now, for his first drum & bass offering in over two years, J:Kenzo has released a cracking EP on Metalheadz called ‘Zegafunk.’ The EP marks his first full release on Metalheadz after his previous outing on the label, which came a decade ago on Jubei’s album in 2013.

The EP begins with the title track, where J:Kenzo wastes no time showing his love for hypnotic and turbo-charged drums, delivered with supreme precision. Second track, ‘Tiger Moth,’ follows the same evocative strokes, but this time with a jungle-spirited drum pattern that makes the tune an engrossing deep-stepper journey with snappy breakbeats.

‘Kalibrate,’ which is our favorite tune from the ‘Zegafunk’ EP, is a tune that is meant for the dancefloor with a measured sense of aggression in its fierceness. Final tune ‘An Uncharted Vision’ is a journey back in time when Metalheadz was bossing the groove-laden basslines, beginning during the late 90s. Marking his first full release on Metalheadz, the ‘Zegafunk’ EP further testifies J:Kenzo’s stature as a bass music behemoth.

Listen to the entire ‘Zegafunk’ EP:

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