Sofa Sound Bristol Brings Sweetpea & Iris on An EP

Drum & bass label Sofa Sound Bristol has brought Sweetpea and Iris for a gritty four-track EP called ‘Fresh Cutz.’

UK drum & bass meets its companion across the pond for a skull-rattling release on Sofa Sound Bristol. Led by DLR, who is one of the champions of DnB’s deep and funky sound, the Bristol-based imprint has been the purveyor of drum & bass that is stripped-back, effective and aimed at the dancefloor.

2022 was a year full of solid releases and events for Sofa Sound Bristol; and as they begin their new year, the label has brought two powerhouses of drum & bass on the ‘Fresh Cutz’ EP featuring Sweetpea & Iris. Producer, DJ, radio host and mentor, Sweetpea’s significance to the genre grows stronger with every passing day.

Starting her journey in drum & bass as a DJ, Sweetpea played for some of the biggest events of the genre like Hospitality, Renegade Hardware, Symmetry, Rupture, Soul in Motion and AKO Beatz, to name a few. Over the years, Sweetpea has racked up releases on Terabyte Records, Spearhead Records, and Addictive Behaviour, while being the founding member of EQ50, a collective of women addressing inequality and representation in dance music through various artist-focused programs.

Collaborating with Sweetpea for the second time on Sofa Sound Bristol is one of the most important names in American drum & bass. Based in Seattle, Iris has mastered the art of churning out deep and driving music with powerful basslines. After honing her craft through playing with a number of genres like UK hard house, techno, and trance, Iris found her love in drum & bass, stepping into the world of production in 2012.

Teaming up with her significant other, Quadrant, a legend of state-side drum & bass, Iris made her first release in 2012. Fast forward to 2023, she boasts an envious catalog that spans across the best labels of the genre as she continues to inspire up-and-coming producers from her country.

For their Sweetpea & Iris first full collaborative release, the ‘Fresh Cutz’ EP begins with Iris’ ‘Not Even A Big Up’ which begins with an atmospheric intro before collapsing into a high-octane number. Title track brings Sweetpea’s and Iris’ penchant for the funky and rolling to full effect while ‘Duck Funk’ elevates the fun intensity on the menacing bubbler. Closing the EP is the crunching sound of DFS which blows your head as you reach the second drop.

Grab your copy of the ‘Fresh Cutz’ EP – HERE

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