Sons of the Forest Release Date, Gameplay, and Much More

Endnight Games’ The Forest began a whole new craze for multiplayer co-op survival games in the middle of 2014. Quite recently, the indie video game development studio announced an official release date for the sequel, Sons Of The Forest, along with several details you might have missed.

Below, we have listed down everything we could find about Sons Of The Forest, including its release date, gameplay, story, and much more. 

A Little Bit About The Forest (2014)

The Forest, an immersive co-op multiplayer survival horror game from Endnight Games, captured the attention of the gaming community in 2014. In this game, players are tasked with surviving on an isolated island after their plane crashed, leaving you as the sole survivor (if you’re playing single-player). 

The choices you make in the sandbox universe created by Endnight Games are all up to you, with the ability to even explore and create several camping spots with seven of your friends, or even proceed with the game’s story at your own pace.

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What To Expect From Sons of the Forest 

Sons of the Forest is an upcoming action-adventure, horror survival game similar to its predecessor, The Forest (2014). Not much is known about the main story of the game, but looking at trailers, and gameplay footage of the game, players of The Forest have already taken note of the changes. 

The game will have similar mechanics to its predecessor, but several animations will be added to each action to make it feel more realistic, while also improving the graphic and texture quality of the game. Developers have also reportedly improved the AI within the game for animals and cannibals, who now have various ways of interfering with the players. 

Building and crafting items you need will be the same, with several other options such as solar panels, electrical lights, a heater, and much more. Sons of the Forest also promises its players stronger guns, explosions, as well as (rumored) being able to 3D print weapons. 

Sons of the Forest Release Date 

Sons of the Forest, the highly anticipated multiplayer survival game, will be available on February 30, 2023, exclusively for PC owners, with no word on whether the game will be released on gaming consoles.

Development of the game has been slow and has had a handful of delays due to Endnight Games’ aim to give their fans exactly what they’ve been waiting for. The game was scheduled to be released in 2022, first in May and then in October. The development studio, Endnight Games, further delayed the game but confirmed a release date in August, with the promise that the time would be spent on delivering another mega-hit survival game!


Sons of the Forest will be an open-world, action-adventure game that features survival as a core feature. Players can explore the island, which is said to be bigger and more ambitious than 2014’s The Forest, building a campsite and collecting material to craft various items to help them explore and navigate through hidden caves that lead to a bigger and much more sinister mystery.

You’re also not going to be alone if you choose to have an AI companion. After the plane crashes, players have the ability to command a wounded person who will collect raw materials as well as serve as a companion on the mysterious island. You can always choose to let go of the AI, but if you do this, you’re going to have to complete the entire story alone.

We’re very excited for the release of Sons of the Forest and will keep updating you on further developments. Don’t forget to keep tuning in!

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