Xcapé Heads to Colombia With Music From Ofier, Henry Neely, Migue Pereira

Come away with Xcapé’s latest adventure in Latin America, an incredible four days in the country famous for its emeralds, coffee, art, and culture – Colombia. Fanned across four days beginning on February 2, 2023, attendees will be exposed to Colombian food, culture, people, traditions, and music. Here are a few things to know about Xcapé’s latest expedition, which also includes house music sets by electronic music producers Ofier, Henry Neely and Migue Pereira. Get your tickets now from the Ticket Fairy.

Xcapé’s head honcho and seasoned travel blogger, Victoria, continues to curate some of the most thrilling events in the most exotic locations, along with the most extravagant itineraries. Following Xcapé’s adventures in Tulum and Panama, the arts and entertainment company that connects people around the globe through music and travel now arrives on the sands of Colombia. On this trip, visitors will get the opportunity to visit a few islands, dine on fresh seafood, learn about local history and culture, and enjoy loads of music and dance.

As with all of Xcapé’s getaways, a night of music and live entertainment is scheduled for February 4, 2023. This will see local and international artists take the stage at La Baronesa de Cartagena (The Baroness of Cartagena de Indias), a haven of music, art, and gastronomy! Announced so far for a night of house music is Venezuelan Migue Pereira, who boasts on deck genres of deep house, house, indie-dance, organic house and downtempo. Pereira will be joined by Xcapé’s mainstay Henry Neely and headlining act DJ/producer Ofier.

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Artists performing at the event: Ofier | Henry Neely | Migue Pereira

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