All You Need to Know About Shipwrecked Music & Arts Festival 2023, New Zealand

After a layoff in 2022, Shipwrecked Music and Arts Festival 2023 makes a much-awaited return this February, showcasing the best underground music, art exhibits, decor, and visuals. The sandy shores of Te Arai will welcome artists from Germany, Australia, and New Zealand, with musician Tiki Taane, dubstep production duo Truth, house and techno-wizard Dilby, and trance DJ Madmotormiquel, among those set to perform. The multi-day festival will be held from February 10–12, 2023, at 186 Atkins Road in Te Arai. Get your tickets to the event from the Ticket Fairy.

Shipwrecked Festival 2023 will see Berlin-based electronic musician Dewalta, Dylan Syben aka Dilby, UK’s Dub Princess, Japanese DJ Kotoe, Australian acts Mazuko, Moon Tide (Louis Tobin), and DJ Lili Joy take to the stage. A host of Aotearoa-based artists round out the festival line-up, which includes Liquid Lowdown’s Chiccoreli, Jaker Rattler, Sanoi, Mia Kober, Page Julia, Dylan C, Issac Chambers, Bobby Brazuka, Ed Zuccollo aka Zuke Beats, and the eleven-piece Afrobeat outfit Ijebu Pleasure Club, to name a few.

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Shipwrecked’s line-up reveal received a bunch of upbeat remarks on Facebook and Instagram. They expressed – “Noice!!! Keep it coming…,” “Holy ship. Looking epic team!,” “Really nice looking line up guys. Great bit of variety there!!!!” The artists will play across five stages – Shipwrecked, The Humming Hut, The Janky Mermaid, Hidden Reef, and one more stage that is yet to be announced. Take a look at the complete stage line-up here.

The campsite opens at 8 AM on Friday, February 10, and the music commences at noon. This location’s huge ground will feature musical performances, art, wellness activities, and the iconic Shipwreck vessel. Five distinct boutique bars spread across five stages, free drinking water stations, a wide variety of food vendors, a festival market, and more are available to attendees.

As seen in their previous editions, Shipwrecked has been sorting and recycling garbage produced at the festival in collaboration with waste management company, Waste Wizards. This year too, the festival organizers seek to make the event as waste-free as possible. The use of reusable drinking cups, volunteers stationed to assist with waste segregation, and many other sustainable initiatives are set up with a view to generating minimal waste. Attendees are encouraged to carpool to the festival with their friends or fellow festivalgoers! A Facebook group is also set up for this ride-share initiative.

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For more information, travel details, and FAQs click HERE to visit Shipwrecked’s website

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Artist performing at Shipwrecked 2023: Bobby Brazuka | Chiccoreli | Dewalta | Dilby | Ijebu Pleasure Club | Dylan C | Issac Chambers | Logan Baker | MadMotorMiquel | Jake Rattler | Moontide | Mia Kober | Paige Julia | Out Of Sorts | Sonai | Tiki Taane | Truth | Zebra Centauri | Zuke Beats 

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