DnB Labels Team Up to Create Spotify Playlist

Led by Benny V, the co-founder of Souped Up Records, the playlist will feature music curated by over 60 record labels.

Exploring genres has never been easier, thanks to the numerous streaming apps with vast music libraries that listeners have at their disposal. However, there are many caveats that accompany exploration, and one important factor is this: music is drip-fed to you, making it much less likely to discover new releases yourself.

For every major genre of electronic music, there are playlists created by users or the app itself that lets you dive into the music of your choice. But again, they come with their own set of limitations, like algorithms, profile and playlist rankings, etc. To address this issue and dispense the finest drum & bass to the world, over 60 DnB record labels have come together to form Drum & Bass Concept.

Led by Benny V, co-founder of Souped Up Records, the playlist aims to compile the best selections from labels of every size and stature. “Curated by those in Drum & Bass for those who love Drum & Bass,” Benny V says, continuing, “I fully appreciate everyone has their own path. But if and when the scene pulls together we are stronger. I literally love drum & bass and have done for my entire teens and adult life. I love every subgenre and the idea of the community as a whole joining forces to start a playlist is incredibly appealing to me on both a work & personal level. This is an inclusive playlist and showcases our scene, from the OGs to current pace setters.”

The ‘Drum & Bass Concept’ playlist offers the most organic representation on music streaming apps for the genre, which is slowly reaching every street across the globe. Selections range from the most murky and underground tunes to the biggest of mainstream hits.

With the number set to grow, some of the biggest labels involved so far are 1985 Music, Critical Music, Born On Road, Eatbrain, Dispatch Recordings, Hospital Records, Metalheadz, RAM Records, Souped Up Records, Spearhead Records, Viper Recordings, and Soulvent Records, to name a few.

So, if you are looking for an inclusive drum & bass playlist that ticks the style, representation, and quality boxes, you know where to go. As we talk about the best drum & bass playlists on Spotify, this is also a good time to give a massive shout out to Simulate, Dave Jenkins and Le Hoffman, who have been carrying the mantle of compiling the best drum & bass from across the genre, week in and week out.

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