Riot Games Confirms Development Delay for Porting Valorant

Riot Games has issued an official statement regarding the porting of their first-person shooter game, Valorant, to mobile and gaming consoles. Below, you will find a statement from executive producer Anna Donlon regarding the game’s production, and much more. 

Riot Games announced and confirmed the porting of Valorant, a first-person shooter, as early as June 2021, with rumors swirling around since early May 2021. The developers expressed their desire to bring the game to various other gaming consoles, and to even make a mobile version, but then went silent.

Around the same time, in June 2021, Riot Games and Microsoft announced a partnership in which 2009’s League of Legends and Valorant were added to Xbox Game Pass, along with exclusive content and premium rewards for players who linked their Xbox profiles to their Riot Games accounts. 

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Unfortunately, Riot Games went silent and began working on Episode 6 Act 1 of Valorant, giving players new content like skins, a new battle pass, new game modes, and much more. Towards the end, the Dev Diaries video featured Anna Donlon, who brought up the development process of Valorant’s porting, which has been slower than fans’ expectations.

“We are continuing our work on bringing Valorant to new platforms,” Donlon confirmed, continuing, “It’s going slower than we’d hoped.”

We will continue to cover Valorant regularly, along with informing you about new agents, new maps, and even important E-Sports tournaments you wouldn’t want to miss. Riot Games also rewards people who tune into the matches’ live stream with drops that are exclusive content you can only get from watching the stream!

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