LA-Based Duo Milliken Chamber Take Rubycon on February 11!

All eyes on Rubycon Records and Tapes, one of LA’s best underground music venues, this February 11! MILLIKEN CHAMBER at Rubycon! will bring some exciting acts together for an evening of post cold wave synth, hell pop, and electronic body music. Get your tickets now from the Ticket Fairy!

MILLIKEN CHAMBER at Rubycon! kicks off at 8 PM on February 11, permitting all ages. The event comes as a celebration of tech/minimal/deep house music artist DJ Malvada’s one-year anniversary of live shows at Rubycon Records and Tapes. On the roster are LA-based duo Milliken Chamber, with Denver, CO-based dance/electronic music performing artist Hex Cassette, and San Diego-based dystopian EBM producer O/X, on support duties for the night.

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Rubycon Records and Tapes is known to be LA’s best-kept secret amongst the underground music community. The prestigious destination serves as both an event organizer and a venue that has previously hosted some of the USA’s top underground talents.

About The Artists at MILLIKEN CHAMBER at Rubycon!

Main act for the evening, Milliken Chamber, is an electronic music collaboration between Anna Schmidt and Kevin Czamik, originally from Michigan, now based in Los Angeles. The duo sports 2 major self-released albums under their belt, ‘Lily of the Valley’ (2017) and ‘Absence’ (2019). They have also had releases on record labels such as ORACLE Records and Starved Relations.

On the live circuit, Milliken Chamber is a frequently featured Los Angeles act, having performed at renowned venues such as Catch One, The Virgil and The Friend in LA, along with electronic festivals across the globe. The duo will follow up on their Rubycon Records and Tapes performance this year at Clockout Lounge in Seattle on February 24.

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Hell pop producer Hex Cassette and EBM producer O/X will take up support duties at the event.

Hex Cassette is a music project by Denver-based Zachary Jordan, whose signature style has come to be known as ‘hell pop,’ “to help you dance away your fear of death.” Hex Cassette has released 2 EPs to date – ‘Total Human Apathy’ in 2018 and ‘Get Out’ in 2020, along with a 2016 album titled ‘And Sense Its Strength.’

Hex Cassette is a Denver, CO, live music scene staple, with multiple performances in 2022 alone across some of the city’s best venues, including The Jester’s Palace, The O, Lost Lake Lounge, and D3 Arts (3632 Morrison Rd). 2023 brings many more exciting performances, with the producer having taken a secret house show on January 14 and The Crypt on January 27.

San Diego-based EBM producer O/X (Christopher Oxendin) rounds off the line-up for MILLIKEN CHAMBERS at Rubycon! A connoisseur of electronic body music, a combination of industrial, synth-punk, disco, and dance music, O/X has released 2 solid EPs as of 2023, ‘New Life EP’ in 2018 and ‘Falling Into / Scorch’ EP in 2020.

The producer also performs regularly across venues across the country, having frequented Whistle Stop Bar on multiple occasions during 2022, and playing at the Basement Stage at Substance, LA’s top independent dark underground festival, in 2021.

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Artists performing at the event: Milliken Chamber | Hex Cassette | O/X

Find Rubycon Records and Tapes on: The official Rubycon Records website | Instagram | Facebook

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