Fox Stevenson Drops a Funky 9-Track EP

Featuring his trademark pop aesthetics, Fox Stevenson has released a delightful EP called ‘Enemy Brain Entertainment Suite.’

Drum & bass at its essence is a genre that is associated with dark, deep and funky elements. However, since his debut in 2013, Stanley Stevenson Byrne aka Fox Stevenson has had other plans. Infusing his hyper melodic style of music with strains of pop and rock, Fox Stevenson has paved a creative path of his own.

Growing up in a family full of creative minds, Fox didn’t need any further motivation to pick up the guitar, and in no time, he started writing music of his own – a craft that has allowed him to expand his repertoire from producer and DJ to singer and songwriter. While his primary genre is drum & bass, Fox Stevenson has also delved into genres like dubstep, house, future bass, and trap, making him one of the most versatile producers in bass music.

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While his music is swarming with buoyant atmospheres, the highlight is his vocals. Most lyrics in electronic music are throwaways, but not for Fox Stevenson. Combining the energy of bass music with the grittiness of punk rock, Fox’s emotionally charged lyrics have mesmerized the scene like no other. Over the years, Fox Stevenson has released his music on famed labels like Firepower Records, Subsphere Records, Cloudhead Records, Liquicity Records, Spinnin’ Records, and Disciple, to name a few.

Releasing a handful of singles last year, Fox Stevenson had a rather quiet 2022. But, in just the second month of the new year, he has released his first EP in as many years on UKF’s Pilot Records. Named ‘Enemy Brain Entertainment Suite,’ we saw a glimpse of the EP when Fox released ‘Enemy Brain’ in July last year. The new year has now brought a full-scale 9-track EP to life, which explores all the genres that Fox Stevenson has been plying his trade in, along with some exciting sonic surprises.

The EP begins with ‘Enemy Brain’, a vocal-fronted delight that will see you throwing this song immediately into your ‘on repeat’ playlist the moment you are finished listening to it. Next is ‘For The Taking,’ where the vocals keep flowing on a bubbly yet progressive and industrial number; a narrative which continues on to the following tune, ‘Get Through.’ Fox then takes us back to his punk rock days with an electronic twist on ‘Deja Vu’ before accelerating the pace of the EP with a punk-pop drum & bass banger, ‘Victory Over Truth.’

‘Can’t Even Tell’ brings the rock aesthetic back onto the EP, which acts as the perfect prelude for ‘Human In The Evening – a tune that is aimed at the dancefloor. The adolescence of Fox Stevenson’s music continues with ‘Still Here’ until Fox brings the surprise we mentioned earlier with the final track of the EP featuring a proper lo-fi tune with airy vocals laid over his classic punk-pop stamp.

Listen to the full EP here:

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