TFword’s Selection of Skeptical’s Best Remixes

Following his remix for Particle’s seminal ‘Fall2Fast,’ we have listed some reworks from Skeptical that make him one of the best producers in drum & bass.

Whether it’s deep and dark textures of drum & bass or the low ends of dubstep, or funk-driven halftime, Skeptical is one of the most tireless innovators that bass music has been graced with. Featuring a style that combines powerful drums and syncopated basslines, Skeptical’s music has the ability to rejuvenate your emotions and put an exit wound to your skull at the same time.

While his ability to produce his original material can seem untouchable at times, his remixing prowess matches and exceeds this. For many years, Skeptical has been flipping some of the finest drum & bass tunes to perfection, sometimes making the rework reign supreme over the original. Continuing his knack for delivering flawless remixes, Skeptical took over Particle’s seminal ‘Fall2Fast’ and turned it into a low-end banger.

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We thought it would be a good time to compile some of the best remixes from Skeptical that serve as a testament to his vast creative mind, in no particular order, of course.

Zed Bias – Pick Up The Pieces (ft. Boudah) (Skeptical Remix)
We start with Skeptical’s remix for one of the icons of bass music. Released as part of Zed Bias’ 2017 album ‘Different Response,’ Skeptical delivered one of the best drum & bass remixes of the following year. Taking the borderline breakneck speed of the original, Skeptical added his Midas touch for a stripped back version of the tune. This is A-grade drum & bass.

Mefjus – Sinkhole (Skeptical Remix)
How do you take an original and make the remix simply irresistible? Learn from the man Skeptical himself. ‘Sinkhole’ is one of the most complete drum & bass tunes you will come across. Then comes Skeptical, adding a layer of deep and warm sub bass to make for a quintessential tune from Skeptical’s catalog.

Loxy & Isotone – Ancients (Skeptical Remix)
Touch a tune from Loxy at your own peril; and when it’s a stone cold drum & bass classic like this one, you stay ten feet away. But Skeptical is one of the most accomplished drum & bass names we are talking about. The deep sub tension on this remix can keep you busy for days!

Jubei – The Path (Skeptical Remix)
The next tour de force from Skeptical’s legendary collection of remixes comes with Jubei. Haunting bass, sci-fi-esque filters, and rolling percussions, this remix for Jubei from Skeptical became an instant addition to DJ sets across the spectrum.

Shy FX – Balaclava feat. MC Spyda, D Double E & Frisco (Skeptical Remix)
Our final selection of Skeptical’s best remixes comes with this rumbler of a flip for Shy FX’s ‘Balaclava.’ The original from Shy FX is one of the biggest drum & bass tunes released in recent years, and Skeptical is a man who doesn’t shy away from a challenge like this. Instant fire-starter on the dancefloor. Good lucking taking your pick from the original and the remix.

What’s your favorite Skeptical remix? Let us know

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