Shanks Drops Two Roaring Tunes On RAM Records

The anonymous American drum & bass duo has returned to RAM Records for two enthralling numbers featuring their trademark style.

The new year has brought us some surprises, like Mohican Sun making a return with a possible link up to another anonymous name, BASTION. As we keep scratching our heads cracking the names, there is another anonymous duo that is slowly making its way up as the next unknown drum & bass act to watch out for.

Making their debut in 2021 on RAM Records’ sister label ProgRAM Records, in just four releases, Los Angeles-based Shanks has showcased the incredible technical and creative prowess they possess. Their previous releases feature a wide range of styles and production techniques that give them a unique edge for their love for the dark and the dancefloor.

Two key players within their home city’s hold on electronic music, ProgRAM is where they have now found their place; an institution standing beneath the RAM Records 30-year emblem, pushing the most promising talents into the global fray.

Three months after featuring on ProgRAM Records, Shanks has returned to the place where it all began for a two tracker featuring the duo’s club-focused music. ‘Jealousy’ draws forward over trembling sonic beats and scuffling percussive sets, before driving into classic bass breakdowns.

On the flip, ‘Waiting’ sets a different scene, but soon follows the same direction, beginning with soft atmospherics whilst still driving the listener into the same grinding bassline surges. As they make their fourth appearance on ProgRAM, Shanks is stepping up the game and proving once again that good music doesn’t require a name or a face.

Listen to the ‘Jealously/Waiting’ By Shanks:

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