All You Need to Know About TWOMINDS Festival, New Zealand

Gear up to witness a one-day festival of dance music with over thirty artists playing across three stages! TWOMINDS Festival is coming to the Spencer Beach Holiday Park for the first time on Saturday, February 18, 2023. Held in Christchurch, New Zealand, TWOMINDS will host an entourage of homegrown talents and the finest local artists. Sip on cool beverages, relax in the breathtaking environment, enjoy local and international food, and dance your heart out! The tickets for this festival are brought to you by the Ticket Fairy.

London-based house music producer DJ BORING will spread positivity on the TWOMINDS Festival dancefloor with his tunes. The Australian-born producer’s music has reached venues and festivals across the world. Headlining with him is Australian electronic producer/DJ HAAi, whose incredible skills were on display before the audience at famous events like the Sónar festival and Glastonbury.

“It’s alive and damn we’re feeling good! We are very proud to present to you the @twomindsfestival full line up ? From throwing a gig in Liam’s back yard 3 years ago to now hosting some of the most talented musicians from New Zealand and abroad in our home town…” TWOMINDS’ Potto said while announcing the line-up of the festival on Instagram. “What a journey and what a family that’s emerged along the way ?? A huge thank you to everyone that’s supported us along the way, this one’s for you,” his caption read.

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TWOMINDS Festival 2023 will host Auckland-based DJ/producer Frank Booker, DJ Atarangi, Willo, Freddy Tuco, and Connor Tomoana. Keanu Raves is set to do a b2b set with Malware MD at this event.

“It’s been a whirlwind to get to this point. We’ve been working away in my garage for the majority of the year to bring this festival to life,” Freddy Tuco of TWOMINDS shared on Instagram. “This is an immense step up for myself and @ttwominds , but we truly believe we are cooking up something special here,” he added. “Friends from near and afar I encourage you to consider coming along, this is a festival designed for you!”

Coastal Drum Group, Patella, Foxtrot, Producer/DJ Keepsakes, Finn, Sister Act, and DJ Kravis are also on the line-up, while Duffy and MJ will do a b2b set. Real Estate, DJ Halfqueen, Bontempo, Seeing Doubles, DJ Only Clangs, and Corners have been confirmed for TWOMINDS Festival.

The dance music festival will also see Craigslist Soundsystem do a b2b set with Alex Bowater next week, as well as performances from DJ/producer and radio host Goose, DJ Christopher Tubbs, Antz, Potto, and Emilie.

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“Super humbled to be included in @ttwominds first festival!! Super proud of this crew for pulling a dreamy event like this together for everyone to enjoy,” Antz wrote on Instagram. “So ready to play alongside some of my production idols and all the local artists that I’ve gotten to grow in the industry with.”

Accommodation facilities have been made available by the festival. They offer: Tourist Flat – Single (for 4 people), Tourist Flat – Double (for 4 people), Studio Unit (for 5 people), Standard Cabin – Single (for 4 people), Standard Cabin – Double (for 4 people), and Camping Upgrade. Bus pass and parking pass are also available as transportation options.

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Artists performing at this festival: DJ BORING | HAAi | Atarangi | Bontempo | Christopher Tubbs | Frank Booker | Halfqueen | Keepsakes | Willo | Antz | Coastal Drum Group | Connor Tomoana | Corners | Craigslist Soundsystem | Alexx Bowater | Duffy | MJ | Emilie | Finn | Freddy Tuco | Foxtrot | Goose | Keanu Raves | Malware MD | Kravis | Only Clangs | Patella | Potto | Real Estate | Alliah and misc. of Seeing Doubles | Sister Act

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