Lorde, Flume, Sub Focus, and More To Take Over Electric Avenue Music Festival 2023 on February 25

Some of the most eminent artists in the world, including Grammy-winning star Lorde, English DJ/producer Sub Focus, and Australian DJ/producer Flume, will flock to Hagley Park North for Electric Avenue Music Festival 2023! Gear up to see over 40 artists perform across five stages at this festival in Christchurch, New Zealand, on Saturday, February 25. Find your tickets to the event on the Ticket Fairy.

5x Grammy-nominated winner Lorde, Synthony, L.A.B., the New Zealand septet Fat Freddy’s Drop, singer-songwriter Teeks, Flume – who took home the Grammy for Best Dance/Electronica Album for ‘Skin’ in 2017, dance music star Sub Focus, and electronic music group Peking Duk are some of the biggest names set to perform at the Electric Avenue Music Festival this year.

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Electric Avenue also tapped drum & bass duo Lee Mvtthews, Supergroove, hip-hop duo Church & AP, Baltimore-based synth-pop band Future Islands, Montell2099, Summer Thieves – a five-piece band from New Zealand, and reggae/afrobeat/soul/funk musical group The Black Seeds for the festival.

Australian indie pop duo Client Liaison, Dual, British jungle and DnB DJ/producer Dillinja; Harper Finn – a singer, musician, and the winner of The Aotearoa Music Awards in 2021; Muroki -Brisbane’s DJ/producer Odd Mob, who is set to embark on a US & Canada Tour 2023 next month; Pitch Black – a duo consisting of Michael Hodgson, Paddy Free, Drop Nation, and Savage are also on this mind-boggling line-up.

Percy Kid & Only Clangs (DJs who have also played at TWOMINDS festival), Kubo and Lee, The Settlers, MJ, DJ Kravis, Sam Bamberry, producer and songwriter Wulfie, and Michèle Ducray and many others round out the 12-hour marathon music and arts festival.

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Artists performing at Electric Avenue Music Festival 2023: Lorde | Flume | L.A.B | Sub Focus | Synthony | Fat Freddy’s Drop | Peking Duk | Teeks | Future Islands | Lee Mvtthews | Montell2099 | Summer Thieves | The Black Seeds | Church & AP | Client Liaison | Dillinja | Harper Finn | Muroki | Odd Mob | Pitch Black | Savage | Sycco | Beacon Bloom | Big Sima & Boomtown | Dillastrate | Emma Dilemma | Keepsakes | Prins | Volts | Eastern Run | Kravis | Kubo & Lee | Michele Ducray | Only Clangs | Wulfie

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