Makoto to Bring Back His Label, Human Elements, With New Single

The Japanese drum & bass virtuoso is bringing the magic of his label after a long hiatus with a new single titled ‘Into The Vibe.’

Makoto’s music is drum & bass wizardry. For over two decades, the flag bearer of Japanese DnB has enchanted us with his soul and funk-driven symphonies, making him one of the most important artists of the genre while also signifying its reach as a global powerhouse.

After being heavily inspired by the academy award-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, Makoto decided to pursue a career in music, where he studied Acoustic Engineering. He then stumbled onto drum & bass while listening to the radio shows of Giles Peterson on Kiss FM and BBC Radio 1, which led Makoto to carve out his own style of “futuristic and cool” music after experimenting with his own compositions.

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The quality behind Makoto’s music caught the eye of the legendary LTJ Bukem, who immediately signed Makoto to his seminal Good Looking Records imprint in 1999. Makoto released his debut album, ‘Human Elements’ on the label, with the album name inspiring the Japanese producer to form his own label, where he released two of his eight studio albums.

After releasing a wide majority of his music on Human Elements, the label went through a long hiatus with its music while events were still a regularity. As we have seen in the past few years, drum & bass artists have assumed creative control of the music and started labels of their own; the recent most example being Halogenix’s Gemini Gemini.

Serving as excellent news to drum & bass heads, Makoto is all set to bring his label back in 2023 with the new track ‘Into The Vibe’ on February 17. The label’s comeback single is a straight dive into the funk and soul-driven music of Makoto that we dearly love.

While Makoto hasn’t revealed any release plans for Human Elements yet, it is an immense boost to producers from Asia and around, where we have seen some seriously good talent evolve lately.

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