TFword in Conversation With Kreios

As he kickstarts a new sonic chapter, the Atlanta-based producer spoke to us about his debut single, how his alias came about, the tunes he’s been listening to, and more.

With an experience of over fifteen years, Kreios is a name that is steadily making his mark for his dark, twisted and experimental styles of dance music. A project which has been biding its time to reveal itself and in 2023, Kreios will have unlocked his wide range of musical tastes that he has gathered after playing alongside some of the biggest names in EDM.

Mesmerized by the energy he brought to crowds on stage, Kreios has now channeled it all in his debut single, ‘Asylum,’ which is a distorted tale of piercing electronic music. Following his debut release, and as Kreios gears up for a tight release schedule this year, we had a chat with him about his latest tune, his journey so far, and his influences. Here is what he had to say:

TFword: A smashing single to mark your debut release. How was the experience of writing ‘Asylum’?
Kreios: It was very interesting – I believe this track was first titled “last try” alluding to the fact that I was experiencing difficulty musically and in some personal respects. It really came together nicely towards the end when I was able to really balance the atmosphere with the heavy synths. This track meant the start of keeping my mind in check and thus “asylum”. It is a mental game for me and I’m hoping to really use the momentum to write music I am passionate about.

TF: How did the Kreios project come about?
Kreios: Kreios has been a long time coming. It embodies how I feel at times – lost in an endless sea of information, a wondering spirit per se, and trying to make sense of it all (we all feel this way sometimes). Musically, I’ve been involved in bands or similar for many years, and this is the culmination of my passion for music. I envision giving a part of my mind – the chaos, the allure of this entity that we may all see as a reflection in the mirror.

TF: Who are the artists that inspire Kreios?
Kreios: This is a tough question, I’ve been attending live music events since I was a teenager. I think the entire emo/punk scene was a huge influence on what I love to listen to nowadays. My pallette is huge, loving everything from reggeaton to classic rock. I think this is what embodies my love for music. The ability to connect with people far and wide. Some of my inspirations are Bastian & Ernesto (Trance Energy), Scooter, NGHTMRE, Liquid Stranger, and so many more talented artists.

TF: What are the genres that you would like to explore in the future, other than your formative ones?
Kreios: The Kreios project really embodies the music I want to make, rather than backing myself into a corner of just one genre I wanted to really give you mystique with haunting melodies, slow vocals, and movement. I think my style is a fusion of my love for trance/house and dubstep (midtempo).

TF: What are Kreios’ plans for 2023?
Kreios: I’m working on lots of new music! There are some half-time tunes, midtempo, house, techno, and some slower tunes. I am working on my live show and preparation for that has been immense. I hope to really show a glimpse into my mind.

TF: 5 tunes you are feeling at the moment?
Kreios: Bachata – Manuel Turizo
Kurei – Slumber Party
Oddly Eazy – Grand
Starjunk95 – Grimestar
AWAY – Mehro (like you’re god) AWAY Remix

Listen to Kreios’ debut single ‘Asylum’ here:

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