TFword in Conversation With Martin Jensen

The Danish legend’s second single of the year led us to have a chat with him about his recent releases, his journey so far and lots more.

There’s no stopping Martin Jensen this year. In a space of weeks, the most streamed Danish artist has dropped two delightful singles that will dominate DJ sets for a long time. Martin Jensen began 2023 with a collaboration featuring the seminal Jay Sean for a summertime bubbler called ‘Days Like This.’ He almost immediately followed it up with a deep yet energetic number called ‘What A Night,’ featuring the prodigious VAMERO and Gibbs.

Showcasing his innovative style of crafting happy sounds and tracks that resonate with his fans has made Jensen a sonic storyteller like no other. This ability of his has catapulted the artist into the musical stratosphere that only a few in dance music have witnessed.

We were keen to dig deep into Martin Jensen’s latest work. So, we sat down with him for a candid chat, and here is what he had to say:

TFword: Hey, thanks very much for taking the time to chat with us. What part of the world are you speaking with us from?
Martin Jensen: Thanks for having me! I’m currently at home in Denmark – I’ve been in the studio non-stop lately and have so much unreleased music to share with you guys before I’m back on the road soon.

TF: If you had to describe 2022 in one word. What would it be?
Martin Jensen: Free(dom)!

TF: What a way to begin the year with a beautiful single. What are your thoughts on how ‘Days Like This’ has shaped up?
Martin Jensen: Thanks! With ‘Days Like This’ we really wanted to start the year with a positive track that was also unapologetic and self-assured, like Jay (Sean) sings in the track, “No-one can fuck with me on days like this!”

TF: How long was the tune in the works?
Martin Jensen: It was in the works for a few months because when it comes to being in different time zones with our differing schedules, we tried to make the collab and exchanges as streamlined as possible, then there is dealing with label and contract sides of a release – it can take longer than people think!

TF: Having collaborated with some of the biggest names in music, your journey is inspirational. How do you look back at your artistic expedition ever since your debut?
Martin Jensen: I think I’ve always just been really confident and also stubborn, that this was what I wanted to do. I believed in myself and the music I was making in those early days, and even just being able to be in a creative industry when doing design and engineering let me explore being around music, on another level.

Then, later on when I was becoming more successful and a well-known name, I was able to dip into all kinds of different genres I wanted to explore and not have to worry about fitting into one box, or meeting other people’s expectations.

TF: What are the genres you like to explore other than your formative ones?
Martin Jensen: A lot of people know me for ‘Solo Dance’ which everyone labelled “tropical house” at the time but I also love working within big-room, pop and typical EDM.

TF: Can you give us a sneak peek into some new music from you this year?
Martin Jensen: My new single is actually out now with VAMERO and Gibbs called ‘What A Night’, so perfect timing! It’s a bit of a deeper take but still very much ready for the main stage, it’s got these melodic synths that take inspiration from classics of electronic music but with an impactful vocal that will get everyone singing along. I can’t wait to play this for fans at my shows!

Listen to Martin Jensen’s new single here:

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