TFword Label Showcase: Footnotes

We will lay down some tunes from LSB’s label, Footnotes, which is steadily developing a reputation for dishing out emotional drum & bass.

Once you step into LSB’s catalog, there will be few things in the world that will matter to you other than wondering how you can possibly make the feeling last longer. LSB says his music “has a common theme of melancholy, suspense and resolution,” and there hasn’t been a single release since his debut where he hasn’t showcased these emotions.

After signing to DJ Zinc’s Bingo label in 2007, LSB went from being a prodigy to one of the most important names of the scene in just under ten years. Working with the likes of the legendary Marcus Intalex, Calibre, and BCee, LSB has taken his slick and riveting style of drum & bass to some of the most respected labels of the scene before starting his own label – Footnotes.

Founded in 2018, Footnotes has been a translation of LSB’s love for inducing the deepest of human sentiments through soul-stirring drum & bass with a tinge of dancefloor-leaning material. Since its famous ‘Roots’ EP by label boss LSB, Footnotes has brought names like Calibre, Anile, DRS, and Tyler Daley for some seriously delicious music.

Footnotes recently released a gorgeous two-tracker with the holy prophet of liquid drum & bass, Calibre, alongside some of LSB’s key collaborators – DRS and Tyler Daley. Following the release, we thought of listing some of Footnotes’ finest releases to date, which will make you bookmark the label’s Bandcamp page and not miss a single release.

LSB & Kinross – Roots

We kick things off with a piece of pure liquid gold from LSB and Kinross. The synthwork, the subtle blushes of flute, Kinross’ lush vocals coupled with LSB’s trademark snappy drums, make ‘Roots’ an essential listen from the label’s catalog. One that will make you want to head to your rooftop and crack open a cold one. Take our advice and listen to ‘Roots’ EP in all its might, and wave at us from cloud 9.

LSB – Tripped

We see no fear in saying this is one of the best drum & bass tracks ever made. It’s not every day that we see LSB venturing into weighty sounds, but when he does, he produces to perfection. Soul, grit, gloom; ‘Tripped’ has everything you need if you are a fan of dark and rolling drum & bass sounds. It’s also a tune that will take a while to leave DJ sets.

Anile – Constant Reminder (ft. DRS)

Another stunner from the Footnotes camp. This tune was DRS’s second outing on the label while Anile made a solid debut with this uplifting piece of drum & bass. DRS brings the vibes with his powerful wordplay as always along with Anile’s sensational groovy drum work.

Tokyo Prose – Jacknife

Is there a single tune from Footnotes that is not beyond excellent? LSB kept spoiling us with music from himself, Anile and DRS, now bringing one of the greatest drum & bass producers from New Zealand. Tokyo Prose’s jazz-influenced DnB captures our imagination like very few do and this tune will explain why. The progression, keys, and bassline on ‘Jacknife’ are all simply sublime.

LSB – Saudade

Part of LSB’s self-titled eight-track mini album, the melancholies on ‘Saudade’ send you into a hyperdrive. The idea of the album from the label boss was to strip his music back to the sounds he is drawn to the most and build a collection of tunes that drift and are searching for something; and he hasn’t missed a beat.

DRS & Tyler Daley & Calibre – I Remember

We end the list with two titans of drum & bass who have created magic time and again, who the scene regards as the overlord of liquid DnB, Calibre. The strong groove on ‘I Remember’ with DRS and Tyler Daley’s vocals is a strong example of ‘less is more’ in drum & bass. Rolling, melodic and refined; this tune is for the ages.

Which tune from the list did you like the most? Let us know!

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