Things to Do in Tulum While You Attend LOCUS 2023

Home to one of the most well-preserved coastal Maya sites and steeped in archeological and historic wonder, it is easy to see why Tulum is known to be a paradise for tourists and residents. It is even easier to see why the newest and hottest drum & bass spectacle in North and South America would make Tulum its destination of choice.

The Caribbean town sees millions of tourists every year; and 2022 brought patrons of the bass music genre from across the globe to one supremely unique destination. LOCUS’ 2023 edition promises to be even bigger than its previous (and debut) year, with four days of performances from some of DnB’s best and brightest.

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LOCUS 2023 begins at 2 PM and will power down at 6 AM daily, across its four-day schedule. If you’re attending the breakthrough drum & bass music festival this year, and want to pack in as much as you can during your trip, here are some unique and exciting things to do in the upscale Caribbean town of Tulum.

Explore The Area!

With 790 square miles of lush jungle areas, waterbodies, cenotes (underground caves with waterbodies in them), beaches, and a sprawling variety of boutique shops, restaurants and activities, you would, perhaps, want to begin with the basics. Get your running shoes on and sunscreen ready! You can choose to explore the area LOCUS festival is taking place in before you get to the venue. LOCUS will rotate the festivities across three locations: Tatich Beach Club, Buuts’ Ha’ Cenote Club, and Tehmplo.

All three venues are situated in prime locations, either along, or just off of Tulum Beach Road. Take your time exploring the area and all its offerings. If you aren’t much of a walker, Tulum also offers a massive variety of bike rentals, a choice most visitors opt for during their stay. While you won’t chance upon testy weather, March is one of the town’s hotter months, with the temperature ranging between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius (68 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit). Make sure to dress accordingly and pack smart – we’re talking adequate water, weather and bug protection, energy drinks, etc.

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Exploring the area independently is ideal if you didn’t get the chance to plan your itinerary in advance. An hour on foot or on a bike will open you up to numerous exciting activities and spots to visit between LOCUS’ four-day schedule.

Take a Guided Tour

One of Tulum’s key tourism experiences lies in its ancient archeology, packed within Tulum’s Archeological Zone. Visitors from far and wide routine the town to explore and indulge in its rich history, and the remains of its past civilization. A quick online search will reveal Tulum’s go-to archeological, natural and historic wonders; namely, multiple ruins, jungle areas, and waterbodies. If you’ve got a knack for history, a must-visit set of ruins are the Temple of the Descending God, the El Castillo temple, and the Temple of the Frescoes, for each of which, you can find a variety of economical and luxury tours.

Locals will, first and foremost, be most informed of Tulum’s archeology, so if you’re visiting for the first time, a guided tour will show you all you need to know too, perhaps, play guide to your friend circle when you visit next!

Indulge in Extreme Sports

Deep dive, snorkel, zipline, and get the adrenaline pumping! Utilizing its nature-rich setting, Tulum offers a number of extreme sports activities for you to choose from. Motorheads can rent a 4WD and take to the off-roads of Tulum’s jungle paths, whereas water enthusiasts can find home within the area’s rich ecosystem or flora, fauna and aquatic life.

Gran Cenote, Two Eyes Cenote and Cenote Calavera are best-known amongst tourists and explorers, offering swimming, diving and snorkeling for a reasonable fee. Tulum’s renowned Selva Maya Eco Adventure Park also offers everything from ziplining, rappelling and cliff jumping. If you fancy a side of thrill to nature-rich mystique, you can rent ATVs and 4WDs as part of a tour of Tulum’s Mayan jungle.

Spend Some Time at The Beach

Early-birds and night-owls will be delighted to find Tulum housing some of the region’s most beautiful beaches. Before you become one with LOCUS’ eclectic party atmosphere, take a walk down any one of Tulum’s three beaches. The most popular Playa Paraiso beach is usually reasonably swarmed during tourism season, but is well-equipped with every beach activity in the book!

Las Palmas and Playa Ruinas are also beautiful beaches in Tulum’s Southern and Northern regions respectively, with Playa Paraiso set in the middle of the coastal destination. You can choose to take your beach carry-alongs and spend a few hours with your feet in the sand and your nose in a book. Take a walk, take a swim, and have a few quiet moments to yourself before you let loose when LOCUS kicks off at 2 PM.

Shop and Dine!

Tulum is a place of luxury and abundance – something a quick stroll down Tulum Beach Road will inform you of. It is home to various boutique restaurants and shops, all meant to attract those looking to take a bit of the Caribbean paradise home with them.

Catch brunch at Vagalume Tulum, a boho-themed wellness-centered restaurant and beach club. Indulge in exquisite Caribbean and Mexican dishes against a pristine beach setting. Vagalume also has a pool on the premises and a variety of seating options. Or head to Papaya Playa Project or Mía Restaurant & Beach Club – both excellent options for a dining experience that encapsulates the best of Tulum’s food and flavors.

On the shop circuit, you can find an array of local economical and luxurious fashion boutiques and handmade trinkets and souvenir shops. Tulum also offers local farmer’s markets, where you can find fresh produce that is unique to the region. If your hotel room or Airbnb has a working kitchen, take the opportunity to make a meal using some of the ingredients available locally. Or sample some of Tulum’s most-beloved street food. Tacos are a usual finding across street food markets and stalls, with the meat and seafood options being ones that are regularly raved about.

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For a music festival like LOCUS, Tulum stands to be the kind of destination that only elevates what the festival aims to deliver. Bass music is rich in its deeply-rooted history throughout genres and regions, and with LOCUS’ second year at the luxury destination, Tulum’s significance within the bass music scene has grown substantially.

We predict many more large-scale festivals taking the luxury destination by storm, so there is no better time than now to be attending what will go down in history as one of the world’s best music festivals.

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