Tips, Tricks & Things to Know About Sons of the Forest

We were able to get our hands on Sons of the Forest and we spent a few hours surviving, gathering, exploring the new map, caves, and much more. Below, we have listed down a few tips and tricks that’ll help you collect important resources as well as find items that’ll help you progress within the game. 

Many who’ve played the game are going to find several aspects of Sons of the Forest different compared to The Forest that saw its launch in 2014, but there’s no need for you to worry about it. We’ve got you covered. 

Here is a list of tips and tricks that you can use to progress forward in your game: 


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Kelvin is the only other survivor of the helicopter crash that left him deaf, only able to take commands given to him by note. He’s grown quite popular within the community but also has a few flaws which you should be aware, as he is your only companion on this journey.

Kelvin cannot be used to carry items, nor does he store anything; he isn’t useless, though. The only way for players to communicate with Kelvin is through a notepad, which allows them to give simple commands such as gathering logs and sticks, building a fire, and other simple tasks. While having a companion is great in a survival game, Kelvin is quite the opposite while exploring and searching for caves. We’d recommend leaving him behind at your base and letting him stock up on rocks and sticks, as he has a tendency to get distracted by the cannibalistic tribes, in which case you’ll have to defend him as well.

Shelter and Building 

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In The Forest, players can build whatever they need by simply utilizing the craft book and gathering the raw ingredients needed for a shelter or a fire. However, Sons of the Forest has simplified the process so that players do not need to cut down a tree and build a cabin just to save the game. 

You’ll be locating several tarps while exploring and passing through tents that contain various boxes with materials in them; don’t forget to collect everything. Players who have collected the tarp can spread it out on the ground and, with it, build a makeshift tent to save and rest (sleep) until the sun rises again.

Building a base in Sons of the Forest is actually quite fun and less irritating than its predecessor, The Forest. Instead of making a type of blueprint, you’ll be placing the foundations yourself, without having random holes within your build. The building process does take longer when compared to the previous game, but with Kelvin, collecting logs gets a lot easier.

Don’t Attack the Mutant lady 

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If you didn’t skip the cinematic sequence before the helicopter crash, you’d have noticed the three family members that need to be found and rescued from the cannibalistic island. Many players, including ourselves, encounter a lady with three arms and three legs hovering around your camp, and she’s none other than Virginia, the 20-year-old daughter of Edward Puffton.

Once you see her, make sure you don’t hurt her. Just like Kelvin, Virginia will become a companion that will protect you from the cannibals. You can hand her a gun or other weapons, which she’ll use to protect you and fend off enemies.

Maps/GPS Markings 

Right after the helicopter crash, you will wake up and grab the emergency pouch; in it, you will find an axe, a notebook (for building), a UV lighter, and a mobile phone. The mobile phone works as a mini-map and a GPS locator with several markers you’re going to want to visit and take note of.

The most important marker would be the crash site, which should primarily be in the centre of your map. The second thing you’ll notice will be a purple exclamation mark that makes your GPS beep louder when you’re in close proximity. These markers usually have resources or items like guns that you’ll need. There are also green markers spread around the map that could either be caves or items. The last marking that you’ll find will be caves that help you progress through the game’s story.

Hot Keys 

Unlike The Forest, you’re not going to be able to grab your axe using a hot-key, but rather several other commands have been spread around for you to easily access items you’re going to need. All of the hot-keys are listed below: 

L – UV Lighter/Flashlight 

M – GPS/Map 

Hold I – Allows you to grab an item from your backpack 

Tap I – Opens entire inventory and crafting table 

G – Drop item or add back into inventory 

B – Brings up a guides book that’ll help you craft items and shelters 

We hope you found our tips and tricks helpful for Sons of the Forest. Don’t forget to tune in regularly, as we have a lot more planned and will be posting a review of the game very soon!

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