Cross St. Music Festival Returns with Paul The Kid, Mazbouq, and more on March 11

Cross St. Music Festival is coming back for its fifth annual show with ‘CARNIVALE!’ The 8-hour event will be held at 1 Cross Street in Auckland, New Zealand, on March 11, featuring performances from Paul The Kid, Mazbouq, Proteins of Magic, and more. Enjoy drinks and delicious food from the bar and food trucks, and visit stalls set up by Karangahape Night Market. Tickets for this festivity are powered by Ticket Fairy.

A barrage of artists are slated to perform at the Cross St. Music Festival in the upcoming weekend! The event will host artist/producer Mazbouq, a five-piece band Mema Wilda, multi-faceted artist Proteins of Magic, producer/artist Paul the Kid, and Shay Patel and Lilith Ercolano, who will offer noise pop, alternative, noise rock music, and dream pop as Feshh.

Makeshift Parachutes, Cape Town-born rapper Jujulipps, trio Grecco Romank, Morningsteppa, Dictaphone Blues, Discoteca Speziata DJs, Mousey, Ladyrox, and Saint Mercy, among many others, are also on the bill for Cross St. Music Festival’s 2023 edition.

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“Coming in hot Sat 11th (next week) – @crossstmusicfestival will be lighting up with diverse central city energy, reflecting the local communities,” Morningsteppa announced his appearance at Cross St Music Festival on Instagram.

“Playing at the block party March 11th! @crossstmusicfestival is curated with inclusivity and encouragement to the underground & emerging artists in our country -often forgotten behind the live circuit noise with typical attention to ‘who’s familiar’ and ‘what’s hot from overseas’,” Saint Mercy wrote on Instagram.

The annual ‘laneway bloc party’ will kick off from 3 PM to 12 AM on March 11, 2023. Since its establishment in 2019, this Tāmaki Makaurau-based event has celebrated the Karangahape district’s diverse cultural backgrounds, which are echoed in its selection of line-ups and its wonderful attendees.

Buy tickets for Cross St Music Festival 2023 at the Ticket Fairy: HERE

Artists performing at Cross St Music Festival 2023: Mazbouq | Paul The Kid | Proteins of Magic | Jujulipps | Dictaphone Blues | Magic Factory | Makeshift Parachutes | Feshh | Mema Wilda | Grecco Romank | Ballot Box | Mousey | Ray Leslie | Blush MP3 | Morningsteppa | Ladyrox | A Blunt Jester | Saint Mercury | Stevie Oxton 

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