Sea of Thieves Season 9 Release Date and Much More

Sea of Thieves will be celebrating their fifth anniversary along with the release of the ninth season on March 16, 2023. Below, we have listed down all major changes as well as gameplay improvements coming to Season 9 of Sea of Thieves.

Gather your crew, form alliances, and go on a hunt for the most valuable treasure in Sea of Thieves’ season nine. The newest season will bring an array of changes to various World Events, new voyages for captains and pirate legends, and events that will be balanced according to the number of crewmates on a ship. There are new voyages and treasures that help players unlock new achievements and commendations that reward them with various new cosmetics and items.

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In celebration of its ninth season and fifth year, the developers, Rare, have brought a new event called Marauder’s Medley, in which various World Events and voyages that were favorites of Sea of Thieves’ players from past seasons will be surfacing on the world map, as well as the development studio confirming that they listen to their requests and noting major needed changes. The studio noted that “community feedback has fueled a lot of Season Nine’s changes and updates, with improvements coming to harpooning treasure, the introduction of a food radial menu, and seagulls circling the loot from sunken player ships.”

If you’ve been playing Sea of Thieves for a couple of seasons, you’ll also know that they keep rewarding their players with exclusive seasonal cosmetics and merchandise. Players who begin their journey from March 17, or before March 22, will be awarded the Lustrous Legend Figure Head, along with a discount starting on March 17 and ending on March 28 for classic ship sets, weapon skins, and many other in-game accessories. Don’t forget to check it out! 

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Rare will also be posting a candid documentary with their developers and team, expressing their initial thoughts on an open-world pirate life game and how the development process came together. You will be able to catch the documentary on YouTube via Sea of Thieves’ official channel. 

We hope you’re excited for new voyages and new treasures to be found in Season Nine of Sea of Thieves. If you’d like to stay up to date with major video game releases or keep up with trending news, don’t forget to keep tuning in.

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