Footwork Pioneer RP Boo Announces New Album

Following up on his seminal debut album in 2013, RP Boo has announced a new long release called ‘Legacy Volume 2.’

If you are a fan of footwork, you have RP Boo to thank. Making waves as an offshoot of Chicago house in the late 2000s, Footwork America’s most unique sonic exports and one of the most respected genres as well. The genre is also the reason that drum & bass is stylistically stripping back and taking influences from its stuttering aesthetic.

Starting off as a DJ in the ’90s as part of the Chicago crew House-O-Matics, RP Boo later began producing tracks on drum machines and samplers such as the Roland R-70. After honing his craft for several years, RP Boo self-released a number of tunes that eventually became underground classics during the 1990s and 2000s while serving as the foundational numbers for the footwork genre.

Since experiencing a pioneering decade during the 2000s, RP Boo released his debut album ‘Legacy’ in 2013 on Mike Paradinas, aka µ-Ziq led Planet Mu Records – which was the first label to devote significant attention to the footwork genre, releasing albums and EPs by underground Chicago artists such as DJ Nate and DJ Roc to name a few.

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‘Legacy’ is widely considered as one of the genre-defining albums of footwork, which led a generation of producers and DJs to make it their formative sound. Fast forward to 2013, RP Boo has now announced the follow-up to his debut album called ‘Legacy Volume 2.’

Out in the second week of May, the album features tracks recorded in the mid-2000s during the golden era of footwork while documenting the influence RP Boo has had on the genre. The 13-track album will serve as a deeper study of the footwork sound and its culture.

Speaking about the album, RP Boo said, “What inspires me to keep going is seeing the people having an awesome time moving on the dance floor. As well as playing music that is a recognizable part of my life. I’m one with it.”

The first single from the album called ‘B.O.T.O.’ is out on all platforms until its full digital and vinyl release on May 12 via Planet Mu Records.

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