Future Spirit Festival 2023 Strives to Power off Renewable Energy

As we continue to dig out and highlight unique stories in music and music festivals, we’ve stumbled upon a new music and arts festival that seeks to run the majority of its power off renewable energy, joining the expanding list of eco-conscious and sustainable music festivals worldwide.

Future Spirit Festival (FSF), a two-day event scheduled for May 27-28, 2023, at Windy Knob Farm in Millis, Massachusetts, is a rapidly approaching festival centered on sustainability. It will feature over fifty artists and live performances, sustainability workshops, art installations, comedy skits, and a variety of local food and beverage vendors spread out over the 200+ acre ranch. The curators of FSF intend to power the EDM festival using clean energy.

The festival aims to go beyond the customary tags of going green with waste segregation and carpooling by emphasizing the optimal use of solar generators to provide a constant power supply throughout the event, as per the press release. According to the seasoned event host, regular festival-goer, and founder of Future Spirit Festival, Montana Bray, “Power consumption is one of the top sources of pollution at a festival, and it’s about time festival hosts tackle these major issues instead of merely doing the bare minimum.”

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Future Spirit Festival’s Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise funds to cover nearly one-third of their electricity needs. “I believe that is the future of festivals, and it’s my mission to make these experiences more sustainable, I know there are others out there who believe in this too!” says Montana in the festival’s Kickstarter Video.

The event, which fosters the ideals of lower carbon emissions, community, and comfort and safety, also runs a Green Light Forum where individuals can submit ideas on how to make the festival greener.

Announced so far for FSF 2023 are North Carolina-based musician Asteroid Afterparty, Rhode Island’s Ace On Earth, Pennsylvania-based DJ/producer Shizz Lo, electronic artists from Massachusetts, Dani Demand and BVRNOUT. Electronic music producer Asteroid Afterparty jumped onto Instagram to share some views about the festival, posting, “Come see the very first Asteroid Afterparty festival headline show at the Future Spirit Festival this May!? The festival will be powered by as much renewable energy as possible?. With more artists to be added.Big thanks to them for having me on!”

View the full artist line-up of Future Spirit Festival: HERE

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Artists performing at the event: Asteroid Afterparty | Ace On Earth | Shizz Lo | Dani Demand | BVRNOUT

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