Sulphursky Drops Mesmerizing Video for  New Single ‘Ascend’ 

Sulphursky shares a breathtakingly spectacular video production for his single ‘Ascend,’ from his eponymous record.

Sulphursky, the musical project of Mumbai-based producer, composer, and guitarist Siddharth Chopra, has released his latest single, ‘Ascend.’ One of nine singles from Chopra’s self-titled album Sulphursky (2022), ‘Ascend’ combines steadily climbing rhythms, melodies, soulful keys, and steady percussions, layered against emotionally charged vocals, and a somber guitar riff towards the end.

Helmed by director, animator, and FX artist Dennis Tac, a teaser for the composition was initially released in 2021. Featuring stunning imagery and captivating storytelling, the music video has amassed over 3000 views on YouTube, generating stacks of praise in the comments section.

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The music video begins with our attention being pulled to an animated figure named Naira, sitting beside a vinyl of the Sulphursky album and a library of novels that also prominently displays evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins’s 2006 novel ‘The God Delusion.’ A tribute to Chopra’s late friend, to whom the album is dedicated, is made by the yellow car’s rear license plate, which reads “KASO.”

Sulphursky’s music is a mix of retro and futuristic, with a nod to the iconic synth sounds of the 80s. For this project, Siddharth Chopra roped in singer-songwriter and voice artist Christina Andrew, musician Sujan Sengupta, and keyboardist Ritwik Ghosh. In July 2022, this captivating ensemble made its live debut at one of Mumbai’s best-known live music venues, antiSOCIAL.

Speaking about the music video, Siddharth Chopra, Sulphursky’s guitarist and composer, notes, “We put a lot of thought and care into creating this music video, and we’re thrilled to share it with the world. Our hope is that ‘Ascend’ will encourage listeners to let go of their fears and embrace the boundless possibilities of the future.”

Listen to ‘Ascend’ by Sulphursky: HERE

Find Sulphursky’s on: Instagram | Spotify | YouTube 

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