Virus Syndicate Launches Bad Medic Records

The famed British grime collective from Manchester has launched their own record label, along with a new single to celebrate its debut.

Blending grime, dubstep, and hip-hop, Manchester-based duo Virus Syndicate has redefined the rap & bass sound, and been its undisputed global pioneers for over a decade. Standing as the world’s biggest streaming rap and bass collective, Virus Syndicate is an integral part of the dance music scene, having brought their local vibes to a host of international record labels.

Formed in the mid 2000s and led by Nika D and JSD, the duo is renowned for being part of the global community. This can be seen through their frequent link ups which span across several figurehead imprints, working with the likes of Barely Alive, 12th Planet, Oliverse, Snails, RAM Records and more.

Making another important step in their pioneering journey, Virus Syndicate has now launched their own imprint – Bad Medic Records – with the aim to give impetus to their unique infusion of grime, dubstep, hip-hop, drum & bass, trap, and everything in between.

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To celebrate the launch of the label, Virus Syndicate has released a mammoth debut single called ‘SPLAT!’ alongside Franky Nuts, OneDa, Harry Shotta and Dope D.O.D. ‘SPLAT!’ merges the heavyweight sounds of Dope D.O.D, Harry Shotta, Franky Nuts, OneDa alongside Virus Syndicate for an earth shattering meet of lyricism and production.

Whilst Netherlands based Dope D.O.D, British MC Harry Shotta, fellow Mancunian OneDa and Virus Syndicate grab hold of the track’s vocal explosions, Franky Nuts provides the genre switch-ups which jumps into drum & bass flavors. With accolades such as Circus Records and Disciple Records under his belt, the experience Franky Nuts has, as a producer, finessed this cutthroat delivery, creating even more of a punch as it rolls between vocalist to vocalist. 

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It’s an intimidating debut from such a game-changing new label. One showing promise, as it moves towards generating a back catalogue with a host of legendary figures from across the dance music and rap cultures, beginning with the unforgiving sonics of ‘SPLAT!’. 

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