Watch: Space 92’s Stunning ‘Gravity’ Livestream

The French producer’s livestream consists of exclusive new music from the likes of Carl Cox, Layton Giordani and Franck, Belocca, and more.

With a string of chart-topping hits, trailblazing French producer Space 92 is hitting heights that have made him one of techno music’s best-selling artists. Thanks to his penchant for delivering powerful and driving techno, Space 92 has dominated the scene as very few have in the past few years.

Space 92 rose to fame when he remixed the Hungarian duo Twins Project – a tune that entered Beatport Top 10 in an instant. Since delivering yet another chart-topping ‘Gravity’ EP, the underground icon entered the touring playlists of almost every notable techno DJ on the circuit, with the title track becoming one of the most hotly-hyped productions of the past year.

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Now, expanding on the project’s already immense global impact, Space 92 presents his huge follow-up, a jaw-dropping livestream performance recorded against the backdrop of France’s imposing Normandy coastline.

Featuring exclusive new music from the likes of Carl Cox, Layton Giordani and Franck and Belocca – as well as a host of unreleased Space 92 IDs set to be released over the course of 2023 – the production maestro’s Gravity Livestream is further proof of his impending rise to dance music royalty.

Combining impeccable track selection and stirring visuals alongside a larger-than-life performance, his latest venture into the realm of streaming stands as his most impactful move to date, and sets the precedent for another seminal year in his star-studded career.

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Cultivating an incredibly strong artistic career from the foundations of originality, passion, and sheer drive, Space 92 is one of the very few artists that have established such a presence in the dance music industry.

Having steam-rolled his way through 2022 with endless accolades and, subsequently, an ever-growing fan base, 2023 is already set to be his most fruitful year yet, leaving audiences wondering just how far Space 92’s endeavors will take him.

Watch Space 92’s Gravity Livestream:

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