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We had a chat with one of the hottest names in drum & bass about his latest release on NCS Records, his monumental collaborations, plans for this year, and more!

AC13’s rise from a little-known but rising producer to one of the scene’s hottest names has been inspirational to witness. Acing nearly every style of drum & bass on offer, the now Bristol-based producer and DJ boasts a loyal fanbase across the UK and beyond.

Even at the age of 23, AC13 has wracked up an impressive catalog with tens of millions of streams worldwide. The procured infection of freshness and creativity within his style of drum & bass has enabled AC13 to release his music on respected labels like Hospital Records, Critical Music, Born On Road, Onyx Recordings, Get Hype, and Soulvent Records, to name a few.

Now as he kickstarts another exciting chapter in an already star-studded career, AC13 has dropped a stunning tune on NCS Records called ‘Visions.’ Whether it’s during his performances at London’s superclub Printworks or throughout his heavily packed touring schedule from continent to continent, ‘Visions’ is already an expected staple for fans at AC13’s shows.

We were keen to know how his latest tune came about; so, we sat down with the drum & bass sensation for a chat, and here’s what he had to say:

TFword: Your rise as a prodigy to one of the biggest names of the scene has been fascinating to witness. How do look back at your journey since your debut?
AC13: It’s been such an amazing journey – the people I’ve met along the way, the experiences I’ve had and the amount of fun times I’ve shared have been unforgettable. Most of it, I have to say, is owed to the incredible team of friends and family that have helped me along the way such as my Manager and Agent! We all used to live together in Bristol as pals and it flourished into something wicked.

Also massive love to the big boss at Maximum Boost Artists – Paul Sandilands. He’s been a massive role model to me throughout this journey and I can’t thank him enough for his constant advice and support!

TF: Now a smashing release on NCS to begin the year. What are your thoughts?
AC13: NCS is a label that I’ve been listening to since before I even started music. I remember back when Different Heaven released ‘My Heart’. I think I must have been around 14 back then! It’s such a great feeling being involved in something that’s been a large part of my childhood and especially with one of my fav tracks I’ve made so far!

TF: We love how ‘Visions’ features the culmination of such a wide range of styles of drum & bass. There’s soul, there’s grit, and then of course the infectious dancefloor vibe. Tell us about the experience of writing this tune.
AC13: I wrote Visions over a year ago and it’s been a staple part of my sets ever since. I’ve been seriously focusing on my vocals since this track and it’s hopefully going to be the first real step into making this solo project a far more refined and unique thing, eventually implementing into a live setting. Super excited to see where we go from here!

The track in itself revolves around the theme of drinking and going out all the time – something that I was actually struggling with quite a lot around the time. After coming out of this period of my life, I find it’s a really nice rendition of something negative, turned into positive. Being able to now listen back on it and remind myself that things can truly change quickly in life is really motivating.

TF: Along with your solo productions, you have also collaborated on some massive tunes. How has the experience been for you?
AC13: Getting in the studio with other people is such a great time. Turns out we are all nerds that sit behind a screen 16 hours a day so it, for the most part, it’s just like second nature. Being able to create something with my friends and translate it into live performance then release for others to enjoy is such a wicked journey and I absolutely am still learning things off my pals in the studio constantly which is great!

TF: What are the genres you like to explore other than drum & bass?
AC13: I have actually written an album of electronic/alt stuff quite recently called “Slipper Sense of Logic” which could be described as a mash up of Paramore, A Day To Remember and Flume. I love pop punk and recording live instruments but somehow always end up throwing an electronic element in as I’m used to it since I’m making DNB all the time! 

This is 100% something I will be releasing down the line under another alias so keep em peeled.

TF: What are AC13’s plans for 2023?
AC13: This year we are non stop with releasing music with a single every month for the year. A lot of it will be focused on my vocals, along with some awesome collabs with vocalist such as Catching Cairo, Comma Dee, Grace Barton and more!

At the end of 2023, I will be going into album mode for the coming year, then looking to translate this into an album tour, featuring live instruments from myself but still keeping the live dance element, super excited to get that rolling!

TF: Five tunes you are feeling at the moment?
AC13: Ironically, my current Spotify playlist is a complete mashup of different genres and most of it isn’t DNB so here are my 5 most recent tunes added to my likes on Spotify:
Glaive – Astrid 
Llainwire – Trust Fund
Arms Length – Garamond
Rex Venom – Waste My Time
Avril Lavigne – Nobody’s Home

The interview has been edited for clarity.

Explore AC13’s full catalog here:

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