5 Celebrities That Are Video Gamers

There are many celebrities who play video games. Some like action-adventure shooters, and some indulge in games that are rich in storytelling, have relatable characters, and intriguing lore. Below, you will find a list of celebrities who can claim the ‘gamer’ title!  

Many people have played a video game or two, but claiming the title of ‘gamer’ is quite different. In this list, we have celebrities as well as well-known figures in the film industry who’ve shown their love for games like the Halo series, the Witcher series, and much more.

Elon Musk 

Recently, everyone around the world has come to know this man. It might be for his efforts in colonizing Mars, becoming the owner of Twitter, owning the first private space company to successfully launch, orbit, and recover their spacecraft, and even shaking the automotive industry with a supremely future-forward electric car. The billionaire has tweeted about his love for several games in the past, but most notable was his praise for Bandai Namco’s Elden Ring. 

He’s also mentioned his all time favorites: BioShock, Deus Ex, Half-Life 2, Mass Effect 2, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 3, and Saint’s Row 4.

Matthew Perry

Known all around the world for his role in the 90s sitcom Friends as the iconic Chandler Bing, it might come to you as big surprise that Matthew Perry was a huge fan of the Fallout series, as noted by Bethesda after his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. 

During the Episode, he claimed he played so much of Fallout 3, he had to visit a ‘hand doctor’ and ended the interview by giving her a copy of the game urging her to try it. Soon after, he was offered to voice the main character’s antagonist, Bunny, in Fallout: New Vegas. 

Daniel Craig 

Craig, widely regarded as the greatest James Bond actor of all time, stepped down from the role after the release of No Time To Die in 2021. Something many fans of Daniel Craig as well as the James Bond series aren’t aware of is that he has been quite an avid gamer.

He’s been a fan of the Halo series and the GTA series, noting that games with heavy lore and big, fat storylines could make him lose track of time. He’s even gone on record and said he enjoys the GTA series, especially Grand Theft Auto: Vice City until the game starts getting too dirty. Gaming has even caused a little havoc in his life. While in a relationship with an ex-girlfriend, he would often have to wait for her to leave the house before he could return to his game.

Vin Diesel 

Vin Diesel is one of the most famous action figures in Hollywood and hasn’t tried hiding the nerdy side of him from the world, having expressed his love for Dungeons and Dragons. Other than the board game, he’s quite fond of MMOs, real-time strategy games, and even mainstream first-person shooters like Call of Duty.

He has also founded a development studio called Tigon Studio that released The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, which was critically acclaimed as one of the best games that was released for the very first Xbox. He’s also said to be featured in Ark 2, a survival game that takes place on a mysterious island inhabited by dinosaurs.

Henry Cavill  

He has donned the red cape of Superman and has even been called the White Wolf after starring in Netflix’s The Witcher series. Henry Cavill has always been a gamer. To think that could’ve left us not seeing him on the big screen as the Man of Steel, having missed the big call for the role of Superman while in an intense game of World of Warcraft, which he revealed on Conan’s talk show.

Cavill has been quite vocal about Netflix’s Witcher series staying as true as possible to the source material, letting his nerdy side show even on set. He’s completely stopped filming just so that the crew can make the show a true adaptation. He’s even played the games and read a few chapters of the novel to help create the character, Geralt.

Unlike Henry Cavill, not many actors have gotten the chance to play characters like Geralt or get the chance to voice the main antagonist for their favorite video game like Matthew Perry, but we’re keeping our eyes out for Vin Diesel’s part in Ark Survival Evolved 2.

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