Israeli DJ HEVI LEVI Unfurls His Second Solo Project of 2023 with New Single, ‘Moon’

Fresh off the deck is Israeli DJ/producer and Joy Group’s record label head HEVI LEVI’s second solo project of 2023, his new single ‘Moon.’ Seeded in LEVI’s signature melodic coatings and techno feels, the latest track is chaperoned by a series of remixes by electronic artist Amir Telem, Shiku, Ten Walls, TomBOyz, and duo 2BA.

‘Moon’ is the fourth and final release of HEVI LEVI’s ‘No Landing Gear,’ a progressive house series of tunes each in tandem with a different artist around the globe. These set of tracks, each of which is named after space objects, collectively form a musical journey through space that HEVI LEVI envisioned. ‘Moon’ follows on from singles ‘No Landing Gear,’ ‘Eris,’ and ‘Dysnomia.’
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The newest single radiates raw, energizing vibrancy as he incorporates pulsing basslines, unsettling synth leads, and cutting-edge production techniques. Unmissable in nearly the seven-minute melodic techno rave is the seamless transaction and drop with an echoing countdown timer three and a half minutes in, showcasing the Israeli staple’s prowess in production.

HEVI LEVI, one of the most well-known electronic music producers in Israel, founded the record label Joy Group. Joy Group’s signed artist TomBOyz and electronic pair 2BA aka To Be Announced (Yaniv Marcovits and Gabriel Dov) also deliver remixed versions of ‘Moon.’ Tel Aviv-based musician SHIKU, musician & certified yoga and instructor Amir Telem, and Lithuanian DJ and producer Ten Walls (Marijus Adomaitis) also present iterations of the latest release.

Speaking about this latest work, the Israeli music producer says, “Moon is one of my favorite tracks of 2023 and the fourth and the last from my “No Landing Gear” series. It took me quite a while to find the exact sounds. I wanted for it, and to synthesize each part, but I’m really pleased with the final product. I’m also happy I’ve had the chance to test it on many dancefloors and see how it really lifts the crowd.”

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