Leaked Images of Ubisoft Connect and Much More

Leaks have suggested that Ubisoft is working on an update for their Ubisoft Connect game store, even though it’s only been three years since they replaced the old Uplay logo. They’re rumored to further modernize the game store and make it easy to use, with the beta looking like it’s inspired by the Epic Games Store.

In 2020, Uplay rebranded and took the name Ubisoft Connect, but that wasn’t the only change that occurred. They updated the look of the user interface and also added a better reward system for players. One unfortunate problem Ubisoft Connect faced was the same bugs and glitches from the previous update, like the application’s inability to remember account details. 

Image via: respawnfirst.com
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Three years later, Ubisoft Connect is getting ready for another big update, according to rumors and images leaked. The images show a darker and cleaner user interface, and the login page, home page, as well as the game library section, have become easier to navigate.

Currently, Ubisoft Connect 2.0 is going through a stress test in which a handful of copies have been given out to a few people for various tests. Later, when Ubisoft decides to unveil the app, it might inherit features like accessibility from the Steam Deck, like the Epic Games Store, but will still keep its distinct Ubisoft colors and features.

Some might even be shocked at the timing of Ubisoft Connect 2.0’s leak, as Ubisoft recently downsized, closing several offices and even having their stock prices drop in early 2023. It does seem as though Ubisoft has been working on Ubisoft Connect 2.0 and isn’t halting any development for the app store.

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