Armored MMA Returns to the Nashville Palace on April 26

Ever wondered if MMA fighters donned battle armor and went head-to-head inside a steel cage? That’s exactly what you get at Armored MMA, the newest combat sport to sweep the United States. “Real Weapons, Real Armor, and Real Violence” come to The Nashville Palace for the returning edition of Armored MMA on April 26 from 6 PM onwards. Tickets for the upcoming fighting sport are powered by The Ticket Fairy.

Sponsored by Jägermeister, Armored MMA has taken the combat sports world by storm. Competitors in this MMA/middle ages-inspired sport square off against one another inside a steel cage while wearing full metal body armor and carrying shields and swords. They go through multiple two-minute rounds of battle to determine a winner or victory via sudden death, if necessary. Flung against the canvas or cage, the fighters give it their all, keeping in mind the rules of the competition.

Fighters are readied in Nashville Armored Combat, a training center offering combat training for men, women, and young adults ages seven to seventeen. Sword and shield, long sword, boxing, judo, yoga, strength, and agility training are the main forms of discipline practiced here.

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Armored MMA takes place every last Wednesday of the month at The Nashville Palace, a live music venue and events space operational since 1977. The Palace has a rich musical history, having launched some of the best country musicians, such as Lorrie Morgan and Ricky Van Shelton. It also hosts line dancing sessions every Friday and Saturday night.

In an interview about armored contact sports, founder Mickey Gallus told NewsChannel5, “Armored combat is any form of steel fighting that involves no stabbing, just concussive strikes of steel weapons against real steel armor. People have been fighting with weapons and challenging duals forever. This is just a sports version of what’s been happening for centuries.”

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