James Ferraro, Brian DeGraw, and Nate Boyce to Perform in New York on April 22

Enjoy stunning performances from James Ferraro, Brian DeGraw, and Nate Boyce with mesmerizing visuals in New York next week! From 9 PM onwards, fantastic tunes will be played at the Tribeca Synagogue on Saturday, April 22. Get your tickets to catch the artists live from The Ticket Fairy.

“Remember how we postponed the @bdeegee + @naetboyce show? It was so we could include experimental freak wizard @james._ferraro ???? ? A night of luminous sights and sounds on earth day ?,” shared NPCC (New People’s Cinema Club), the show’s presenter, on Instagram.

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Rochester, New York-born musician James Ferraro, one half of the experimental duo The Skaters, is slated to take the Tribeca Synagogue stage next weekend. The composer has explored and churned out varied styles of music under a number of aliases. He started a label called New Age Tapes in the 2000s, which saw him release his solo materials.

Tribeca Synagogue will also host founding member of experimental music band Gang Gang Dance, Brian DeGraw. He has performed in many bands and has worked with a number of musicians so far in his career. DeGraw showcased his remixing skills for experimental pop band Animal Collective, The Tempers, and experimental rock group Battles. In addition to his remixing prowess, he is also known for being a DJ. After adopting a new alias, bEEdEEgEE, a decade ago, he dropped a nine-track album ‘SUM/ONE’ and hit the road in support of the record. He opened for Animal Collective at the time.


American musician and visual artist Nate Boyce, who recently took the Big Ears Festival stage with frequent collaborator Oneohtrix Point Never, is also on the roster.

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Artists performing at this event: James Ferraro | Brian DeGraw | Nate Boyce

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