Kontrapost Bring Landikhan To Remix Antaares

The Madrid native joins Paul Traeumer’s influential record label Kontrapost for a remix of Antaares’ Voy a Volver EP, delivering a Slow Trance Remix for the extended player’s lead single.

Presenting a sound palette that’s as diversely pleasing as it is refined, Spanish DJ and producer Landikhan is the paradigm of the self-made artist and a sum of vision, talent, experience and work. A stalwart of Madrid’s vibrant club scene, he has established himself as one of the most authentic electronic artists on the circuit.

A staunch contributor to the house and electronica scape for many years now, Landikhan’s output made a significant shift after an epiphany at Ibiza’s storied WooMooN, moving towards a more spiritually-driven sound that champions deep breaks and ethnic tones. An open and passionate relationship that embraces all manner of genres, Landikhan’s production style embodies his deep musical background and breeds it with contemporary design elements.

From that moment on, Landikhan’s unique positioning within electronic music was clear, and he has since reached the full essence of his sound, bringing with it a host of new fans.

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Kicking off the year with a stream of releases for Earthly Delights and O’Tawa Records, as well as for his own LNDKHN imprint – the established artist now joins Paul Traeumer’s Berlin/Dresden-based, influential record label Kontrapost for the release of Antaares’ Voy a Volver EP, delivering a Slow Trance Remix for the extended player’s lead single.

Antaares’ Voy a Volver EP channels deep introspection across its three original cuts; a gentle soundtrack straight from the depths of Mexico City’s underground club scene. Featuring remixes from both Landikhan and Moon’s Voyager, the EP presents an intoxicating marriage of hip-hop, electronica and mellow house sensibilities. Deeply hypnotic in its effect, Landikhan’s Slow Trance Remix is unequivocally cool from start to finish. With an acute focus on tribal timbres, the cut’s organic production elements usher in a satiable groove that showcases Landikhan’s world music affections.

In addition to releasing via his own award-winning label, LNDKHN, Landikhan has graced some of the most prestigious imprints in the industry, including Crosstown Rebels’ Rebellion, Stil Vor Talent and Natura Sonoris, to name a few. Boasting well over 6 million streams and 90,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, it’s no surprise he was named Best Spanish-Speaking Electronica Artist by Vicious Magazine.

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